Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sebastien Tellier At The Knitting Factory 7/26/08

I finally got to see him live, and i gotta say if you ever get a chance to see his live show go for it. He takes his calm and catchy music, and turns it into hard pounding, bass heavy madness. His music isn't the only thing that's mad. He's quite strange, and speaks little english, but it just makes it all the more fun. He opened with Kilometer which is probably my favorite song off of his awesome new Guy Manuel produced effort, Sexuality.

Next was Divine which is also one of my favorites off of Sexuality. It stayed pretty close to the original which was good because its so good
the way it is. But for these blogging purposes I've decided to post a remix by one of my other favorite artists Danger which adds Danger's signature hard hitting electronic feel, but keeps it catchy and lovable for the same reasons as the original.

He continued the show playing most of his well known songs, and few lesser known ones that were still cool to see live. Everything was awesome, and he ended it perfectly with his first single off Sexuality, Sexual Sportswear. I decided to post the SebastiAn remix which gives it a typical SebastiAn make-over which works great on this classic. I also put up The Hood Internet mix of it which i never would have
thought would work so well, but they really know to do it over there,
and is one of their best.


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