Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Case You Missed 'em

Sorry we've been a little out of it lately, but we promise to try and keep the posts coming. Unfortunately we picked a bad few days to be sort of out of it because some really fucking awesome remixes have come out in the last few days. So I guess I'll just throw 'em all up here for you guys. I could say a little about each one, but I think you guys know most of the artists and most of you wouldn't read it anyway. Enjoy.

Bonus: I don't think I ever got around to posting the original of My Way that Danger remixed up their, and that's truly a travesty cause it's easily one of my favorite songs of the year. So why not do it now...

My way - Starskee [Most Fancied]

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Part of the Week-End Never Dies

All of us here at FS were lucky enough to see the new Soulwax documentary last night. All I have to say is if you have the money to pay for this, or know someone who has it get on that shit now. It's got some unbelievable live footage, and interviews from some of the best and most influential people in the electronic music world today. You should be able to enjoy this if you're a fan of electronic music, strobe lights, or just a really fucking good time. I do have to warn you though this film will make you want to go DJ an entire stadium full of people or if you're not a DJ you'll just begin to crave a crazy concert to go to. Anyway, just thought you guys should know that this film will rock your socks off, and I'm always looking for a good excuse to post some Soulwax stuff. So here you go. Just  a few of the many songs that have made Soulwax so loved.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

La Mode

The first thing I ever heard from these guys was their Bad Boys for Life remix. I was immediately intrigued, and wanted more. So I went and found their Magnets remix, and since then I've been in love. But seriously these guys are amazing, and since I heard those two remixes I've been on the prowl day and night looking for more. Unfortunately no matter how hard I look they just don't have a ton of stuff out yet. But what their is is really excellent, really really excellent. I don't think theirs too much I can tell you that you can't find out from this awesome interview or their myspace so check those things out, and give this stuff a listen. Then another listen. And maybe a few more.

Safari - La Mode [Most Fancied]

100th Post!

We made it! It's been a long hard two months of poorly written about great electronic music, and we hoped you've enjoyed it so far. Lots and lots more to come. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Into the Nightlife (Laidback Luke Remix)

Here's some new Laidback Luke for all you House lovers. This time he remixed Cyndi Lauper's Into the Nightlife. I don't like this that much, well at least compared to his other remixes which I really like. I'll link a few other remixes he's done that I liked more than this one. Cheers!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paper Planes Remixes

Paper Planes is one of those tracks that's been remixed to the point that it would be impossible for anyone to really keep up with them all, but I'm just dumb enough to try! So since you don't all have enough time to devote your lives to searching the web for remixes I thought I'd round up what I think are the best for you guys. Their are some really quality remixes here from some already known names, and some you may heave never heard of. If you haven't heard of any of any of these guys I encourage you to check them all out. They all do some really great stuff. The first one we have here is LAZRtag's remix, which is easily one of the best. I haven't yet gotten the chance to profess my love for LAZRtag, but the day will come don't you worry. For now check 'em out, and watch out for new stuff form them as well as everyone else in this post.

Designer Drugs

You miss three hours in the blog-o-sphere and all of a sudden you're the last one to post awesome brand new remix. This time it happens to be a remix involving two of my favorites. Pretty much everyone adores Little Boots, and it's no secret that Designer Drugs does some of the best remixes around. Designer Drugs have a pretty perfect sound that so many try to replicate and few get just right. The best part of their remixes is that almost all the songs they work with are songs with vocals, and they always handle them incredibly well. Their remixes always compliment the vocals just right, whether it's adding a light 80's like touch or a harder electro sound. I am yet to hear any originals from them, but I know when I do I'll love it because their production is so strong, and they've got such a great sound it's hard to imagine them going wrong. So today I've got that Little Boots remix as well as their remix before that which was for that Mariah Carey remix contest (unfortunately due to lame judging they didn't win), and then just all my other favorites from them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend made a new song for the soundtrack to Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, and it's pretty good. When I saw the trailer for the movie I thought it was just trying too hard to be one of those cute indy comedy hits of the year, but who knows maybe I'm wrong. Anyway enjoy this, and check out the rest of the soundtrack.

Double Bonus (WooHoo):

What's In Our Inbox?

We didn't get this video in our inbox... but I wanted to post it so whatevs. It's a preview of Kanye's latest project. A variety show for Comedy Central called Alligator Boots. I personally am not really digging it. But see for yourself. By the way he changed it, and his new album is now dropping sometime in november! I still have Flashing Lights stuck in my head. I don't know if I'm already ready for more.

Now on to the good stuff. Over the last couple weeks we've gotten some really cool new artists e-mailing us their stuff, and we really appreciate it and want you to keep it up. So first up is FutureFlashs and Alfa who sort of e-mailed us together. Futureflashs is a German electro artist who's remix of Thomas Bangalter's Colossus got a ton of attention the last few weeks. Alfa is a Los Angeles electro artist who is part of the Binary crew who have been stirring up a ton of noise at the moment. Check this stuff out.

Next is an Aussie duo be the name of Beanflickers. I don't know too much else about them, but their stuff's pretty cool.

Now we have FunQ Sway. All I know about him is he is a Belgian 18 year old who's been making beats for the last 3 years. His stuff is very cool and minimal. Not the strongest sounding production, but certainly still a cool track.

And to finish off this installment we have Domenico Biancardi. I can't tell you too much about him that you shouldn't be able to guess from this quote off his myspace. "My life is dedicated to producing f*ckin' beats with f*ckin' claps and crazy basses!!!" Now that you know that about him it's time you hear some of his music.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's already had some remixes but none quite like this. I just came across a good final version of the L.A. Riots remix of Crimewave, and it shouldn't be a shock to any of you that I love it. If you ever saw that L.A. Riots were remixing Crimewave and imagined what it was going to sound like, you were probably exactly right. It's very traditional L.A. Riots. They do similar things with most of their remixes, but it's such a good sound so why not. The thing I love most about their remixes is that they really make it sound so simple. Like of course you do this, this, and this, and of course it sounds amazing. DUH. But anyway they just amaze me in that way. So I have that here for you as well as my other favorite remixes of Crimewave. Hope you like 'em.


P.S. Radiohead's new remix contest is on. This time it's for reckoner. You can find all the parts on iTunes once again. Get working guys.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I know it's getting ridiculous that we've had posts involving them like four days straight, but of course right after I finish expressing my love for 80kidz they release their Kids remix. And beyond that another one of my favorites True Pseudo just threw their Electric Feel remix out their so MGMT is back again, but I think after this maybe we'll go a few days without a post about them. The Kids remix isn't quite at the level of the Soulwax remix and the Electric Feel remix doesn't touch the Justice remix, but their still both great reworks of the song. 

Sightly better quality than the other version we posted, and around 45 seconds longer. Not life changing, but it makes a difference. We're always looking out for you here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Soulwax gets what they want!

For all of you Soulwax fans, take a listen to this remix of the Rolling Stone's "You Can't Always Get What You Want" in case you missed it. Personally I think that they did an amazing job with it. Give it a listen.

New Erol Alkan. Finally!

For the last few years Erol Alkan's been one of the busiest guys in the business. He started out by playing some of the greatest DJ sets around and making amazing remixes, and lately he's moved on to producing bands like Late of the Pier and the Mystery Jets. But now he's finally returning to the world of remixes starting out with the one I have for you today of band by the name of Fan Death. It's an excellent remix as you may expect, and he's got another one coming soon for the new ZZT (Tiga & Zombie Nation) song. I was excited for this remix, but I absolutely can't wait for the ZZT one. It's expected to be an amazing song in the first place, and it can only get better once Erol throws his magic on it. So anyway enough of this talk. I'll keep you posted on his next remixes, but now be happy we finally get this one.

Also we encourage you to support the artist, and buy it here.


Beck, Spoon, and MGMT at the Hollywood Bowl 9/20/08

Tonight two of our members here at Fancy Sounds attended the Beck show at the hollywood bowl. I had never seen any of the people playing before, and our other member had only seen Beck once when he was only five so it was pretty much a first for both of us. MGMT started the show off with a bang doing a set that is perfectly described by simply saying short and sweet. They played the ones everyone wanted to hear plus a few, and left. Spoon was next, and I really enjoyed them. They played a great variety of songs off of several of their albums. With a great horn section and great singing from their front man Britt Daniel they really got everyone going. Then Beck came on, and really made the crowd go wild. He started out with Loser so right away everyone was on their feet. He played some of his more up-tempo songs then brought out the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra to play with him which was really spectacular. It was a great show, and of course if you get the chance to see any of these guys live take it.

As a bonus for you guys reading that painfully long and dull review of the show I've got some treats. Or if you didn't read the review, and just skipped right on down to the bottom then enjoy anyway I guess...

And you can find some of the other MGMT remixes and things we've posted here. Or wait, here. Or maybe here? Who knows.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

N.A.S.A. Music (LA Riots Remix)

Here's the new remix of N.A.S.A.'s song N.A.S.A. Music done by one of our favorites, LA Riots. I really like this one and I recommend checking it out! Also I want to thank Panda Toes for originally posting this song, check them out!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Numark

I've been meaning to post about DJ Shadow and I just remembered this INSANE video of him, Numark and Cut Chemist doing a live performance in LA using only Akai MPC Samplers. These three guys are easily some of the best DJ's in the world and are a blast to see live. I've seen Shadow and Cut Chemist together live both at the Hollywood Bowl and at the Wiltern. It's truly amazing what they can do only using a few turntables and some old 45's. I didn't want to post anything off Shadow's albums so I just posted my favorite remix of his. Enjoy!

Vampire Weekend

I am sure everyone on the blogosphere has heard Vampire Weekend and The Teenagers. I think its a first that anyone has heard these two collide.

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (The Teenagers Remix) - Vampire Weekend

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We got some more Canadian madness for you here. This time it's DJ Barletta, and Van Helder who together make up Mansion. These guys have a great original sound. Similar to many great electronic artists, but adds some fun usage of piano and synths that is used differently then you see most of the time. Incase you don't trust me when I say these guys are good maybe you trust MSTRKRFT. Yes another Bounce remix. They did an official remix for Bounce, and it's right up there with the one I posted just below this post. They also have done some originals that are just as good as that remix. Their remix of Bounce started circulating a few days ago, but I waited on it until I found it who exactly this duo was. I was more than happy to find out this was DJ Barletta's new project. I've been absolutely loving all his stuff for the last month or two. And although I had never heard of Van Helder I found a remix of hers I really like, and I've got that here for you. I'm not posting any DJ Barletta tracks today, but I plan on giving him his own post very soon. Mansion also has another song that will be released to the blog-o-sphere soon, and you can hear that new at their myspace, and of course once I got a hold of it I'll throw it up here.

Stab - Mansion [Most Fancied]

Bonus: (well if we're throwing the Bounce remixes out there... don't think we ever got to this one)

Felix Cartal

What can you expect from a guy who considers himself family with people with MSTRKRFT, The Bloody Beetroots, and Lazaro Casanova. I personally would expect great things, and Felix Cartal does not disappoint on that one. This Canadian is an electronic music mastermind. He knows how to get a party going. If you're ever at a concert, and you hear one of his songs look around. I guarantee you'll see smiling faces, and people dancing their asses off. As I mentioned a minute ago he's quite close with MSTRKRFT and others, and I guess he went and did his friends a favor and remixed the hell out of Bounce. I've heard quite a few remixes of Bounce already, and I know there are more to come, but this is easily one of the best so far. Really adds his flavor to this already party starting track.

And that's not all I've got for you. Here's some of his original work. These originals are all most fancied because I'm only posting my favorites by him. You can find a few more around, but if you like my taste these may be your favorites as well. First is his latest, Skeleton, then just the rest of my favorites.

Most Fancied:

And my favorites of his remixes... 

Monday, September 15, 2008


You may have thought after HEARTSREVOLUTION's last single they couldn't release anything bigger, but I'd be willing to bet this will outshine C.Y.O.A. big time. Really digging their new single switchblade. You may have already heard the L.A. Riots of it which has been one of my favorite songs for at least the last few months. They absolutely ripped the song apart and made it a whole new beast, and it's already pretty beastly. No idea why the L.A. Riots remix was out so long before the actual song or any of the other remixes, but whatever I'm certainly not complaining. So here you go, and I gotta assume we're gonna see tons of remixes for this just as we did with C.Y.O.A. so this probably won't be the last of switchblade here.

Hot Chip

I am sure all of you readers are quite familiar with Hot Chip and their synth heavy jams. This year Hot Chip released their third album titled, "Made In the Dark" which is one of the most critically acclaimed records of 2008. If your lucky you will catch Hot Chip on their tour of the world so you can hear their warm synth tunes. Look out for Hot Chip's new remix package, "Hold On/Touch Too Much" which comes along with fine remixes by Switch, Ewan Pearson, Mock and Toof, and Turmstrasse Kollektiv.

Guns N' Bombs!

Boy do i love the sound of gun's n bomb's going off! Lately I've been listening to this electro-thrash team of Johnny Love & Filip Torbotito. Gun's n Bomb's are definite party starters and should check them out if you haven't already. They do really great remixes of great songs, and I've really grown to love most of them. Also, for all of those who are just as excited as me for the LA Detour Festival, be sure to check out Gun's n Bomb's along with the many other great artists!

Mustard Pimp

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I'm still not sure if Mustard Pimp is one or two guys because on their myspace under band members it says Mustard P. and DJ M. Pimp so i'll let you decipher that however you wish, but that's not the point of this post! The point is no matter how strange or funny their name is and no matter how many members there are they make some crazy banging powerful electro. If you remember them it's probably from their remix of the last Crookers release that rivaled The Bloody Beetroots remix, and you can find that here. They've got a similar sound to a lot of great up and coming producers, and they certainly manage to do it just about as well as anyone. It's fun banging wobbly awesome electronic music the way god intended it. I've been meaning to post on them pretty much since I heard that Crookers remix, but I waited to get a few more songs by them, and then when we got their new original in our myspace inbox today I got moving on this post. Their latest Zombie Dance really shows their talent, and I can't wait until they get more stuff out their. Their should be more on the way, but for now I've got a few remixes for you here as well as Zombie Dance, and another original that will be on their upcoming E.P. on Crux Records. Not sure exactly when that's comin' so keep your eyes and ears open. 

Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 tracks to brighten your day

Summer's over and everyone's back at work or school. It's sad, but were just gonna have to wait another year till that beautiful time again. So since summer's gone and I can already see the stress charging towards me, and i'm sure some of you feel the same way, here's a little segment i'll bring out from time to time to take you mind off whatever you got going on. I put some really good stuff in there so check it out.


Kanye's Got it Locked Down

So by now you probably know Kanye debuted his latest effort at the VMA's the other day, and it didn't go over to well. Most people were slightly disappointed especially for something coming from him. He's supposed to have a new album out in December actually called 808's and Heartbreaks, and I have to assume this will be on it. I'm surprised he's got a full new album coming that soon after Graduation, but hey he's Kanye. He does what he wants. Unfortunately sometimes he goes to far with it as you can see in the video I put up there. Got a little feisty while passing through LAX and unfortunately TMZ wasn't too shy about sharing it with the world. But anyway I've heard the first single from this new album will be out this monday or tuesday so keep a look out for that. The track he introduced at the VMA's was Love Lockdown and there isn't yet a good quality version, but we have for you the best there is so far as well as what Flufftronix did with the track. Not anything really special in this remix, but I didn't expect much considering what he had to work with, and the amount of time he got it out in. So enjoy some new Kanye which is always fun and watch out for that new album in December.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jake Simon

I guess it is obvious that I, J, am Jake Simon. I didn't start out revealing my identity because i thought it would be cool to remain anonymous but i guess it was completely obvious how my posting name matched up with Jake Simon. Well this wont change much and I will still be posting some of my latest stuff and some mixes as well as other stuff. Here is a track that I have heard surkin play recently which is a really fun old house track.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot (Treasure Fingers Remix)

One of my favorite artist's lately has definitely been Treasure Fingers! I can listen to all of his songs over and over again without getting sick of them. This time he remixed "Hot" by Big Gipp. If you've liked all his other remixes then you'll definitely like this one. Also I want to give a shout out to one of my favorite blogs, Panda Toes for posting this, Thanks!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Just in is Jake Simon's monthly mix which this month happens to be my favorite. It kicks of the fall season with some dark tunes that will be sure to be around for quite a while. We have asked Jake to supply us with monthly mixes of his favorite tracks of the month. This one might be my new favorite, but who am I kidding, I say that every month.

Kids (Soulwax Nite Versions) - MGMT
Home Zone (Proxy Remix) - Digitalism
Cowbois - Shadow Dancer
Foker (Shane Silver Remix) - Late of the Pier
Tonight - Yuksek
Under Your Skin - Action Man
Say Woah (Sinden Remix) - A-Trak
Tetris (Sam Horn Remix) - Kid Dub
Stomp Yo (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) - The Aston Shuffle
The Cricket Scores - Boy 8 Bit
Android - The Prodigy

September Mix-Jake Simon

It's Here!

Certainly the most anticipated remix of the year so far is finally here. Now you can finally stop crying yourself to sleep every night knowing your life will be so much better once that new Soulwax remix is finally out! It really is a great remix, and easily one of the top MGMT remixes to date, but I don't know if all the madness that went on in preparation for it was quite worth it. Don't take that as me saying this isn't good. It is and you're going to enjoy it just like you enjoyed Soulwax's Phantom remix and their Gravity's Rainbow remix and all the other awesome stuff they've done. They really know how to do a remix right, and i've yet to find myself dissapointed with them. Enjoy this little slice of happiness from us to you. We also want to thank LA Friendly. They run a great blog over there. They get tons of great exclusives before anybody else, and you'll notice at least a few songs on here over there most of which they get credit for having first. Just thought we'd give a shout to them, and let them know we appreciate them helping us help you find great music.

And I don't think we ever actually got around to posting this so a little bonus (even though it's considered old at this point) in case you somehow missed it...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey Today!

Yes, another strange name. But if these people have to have strange names to pump out great music then name yourself whatever the hell you want. Hey Today! are a German duo on the Kistune label. They make wonderful electronic music, and it's a true shame they don't have more out. Four songs on their myspace, and i'm only skilled enough to find three of those four to hand over to you guys. But anyway I love everything they have done so far, and encourage you to check out their stuff. They seem to be good friends with Digitalism as you may have noticed if you glanced at the tracks below (ISI-talism is Digitalism in case you couldn't figure that one out...), and any friend of Digitalism is a friend of ours. Can't wait for more from them, and of course they'll be back as soon as I do get more so keep checking in.

Friday, September 5, 2008

BSBTRGDCLUB! wait what?

If you've been looking around any of the good blogs throughout the last few months you've probably seen this name next to a remix with a description like "Check out this crazy sick banger," and then you look at the name of the remixer and go o it's BSBTRGDCLUB again... wait what'd I just say? Well just so you know you can stop questioning the pronunciation of these awesome up-and-comers because I have found out that there name simply stands for Backstreetboystotalrudeghettodancingclub. Okay so it's not that much easier. But anyway, name aside these guys are great. When we finally got our brand spankin' new myspace up we added a whole bunch of our favorite artists, and the first ones we heard from were these guys. We couldn't of been happier because we'd wanted to talk about these guys for a while, but this finally gave us the push to really make us get to it. They sent over their latest remix to add to my already great collection of their remixes and originals. So here you go with a few more little details for you actual readers

First I have for you there most popular, and my favorite of their originals. Great song that may trick you with it's title. It does not sample Britney Spears, but it's vocals do say her name. But don't let the lack of pop starlett stop you from enjoying this. It's really great.

Next is another original of theirs with some extra add-ons to do with it. I found a wonderful remix of this song by Techjio, then a week or so later they have a collaboration, and it sure as hell doesn't disappoint. However Techjio also put his touch on their collaboration, and I happen to enjoy it a little more than the original so i put that up instead. I guess BSBTRGDCLUB is trying to tell us to watch out for Techjio, cause although i've only heard a few things from him he seems really great. So watch out for that and enjoy these.

Now at the moment BSBTRGDCLUB is probably known more to the blog-o-sphere for their remixes. And here they are. Almost all of them. All my favorites plus a few that I just thought I should include. They really know how to take a song and transform it in to... whatever they want. You'll see what I mean.

Here's their latest:

And the rest...

David Rubato

Over the last few week's I've been listening to the european electronic artist David Rubato. As a songwriter and producer on the Institubes label he has put out some of my favorite music. So here are some of his remixes and originals, Enjoy!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

He's back

You probably know we love everything Proxy does, but his originals always stood out even more than his remixes to me. Though with this I may have to say his remixes are catching up to his originals. Look out for new stuff  from both Digitalism and Proxy cause i promise it's coming, and you know if it's from either of these guys it'll be good.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This track was recently dropped by Boys Noize in his pukkelpop set. I thought I would post this song to expose our readers to some delicious early 90's trance flavor.

Animals - Yves Deruyter

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Late of the Pier-Focker (Shane Silver Remix)

I just received Shane Silver's remix of Late of the Pier's Focker and I must say this is a true dance floor bomb. First off this remix blows the Boys Noize remix out of the water (no offense) and destructs the dance floor every time it is dropped at a club or party. I guarantee if you are a dj and you drop this song in a set people will fucking rage. You can check out more of Shane's music at Myspace.com/shanesilvermusic

Late of the Pier - Focker (Shane Silver Remix) [Most Fancied]

Monday, September 1, 2008

Going away for a few days

Two of us are leaving for a few days, but we'll be back by the weekend so don't worry. We thought we'd give you a few treats to hold you over till we get back. 

Most Fancied Mixtape: August


One of my favorite remixers of late remixing one of my favorite all around artists. Had to end well. Very well.

If game boy games had this as a sound-track I would've sat on the couch glues to my game boy all day. Oh wait I did. 

My favorite from their first E.P.. You may recognize their name from some great remixes. They do a great job with a everything they do.

Fun. Crazy. Inappropriate. Awesome. Dumb. Catchy. WTF. Clever. Ridiculous. OH SNAPP!! 

Easily one of my favorite artists lately. Another one of those guys who just can't go wrong...


Long wait for this one, but it was completely worth it. Can't wait for a real version of their Kids remix.

Gives Surkin's 90's Ibiza jam great new flavor.

Great take on this classic.

If you read the blog there's no need to explain to you how much we love him. Still can't believe he's able to chop the sounds from the song to make it say Fake Blood. Unbelievable. 

Great b-side to the also wonderful Wake Up.


Hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as Cross the Dancefloor, but also very very good.

What's not to like about Lifelike's remixes?

And Surkin keeps pumping out great remixes... what do you know.

If you don't know his stuff by now you've been living under a rock in the middle of the desert.

Still lovin' it.

Hope you enjoyed this feast of ear pounding bass pumping pleasure.

They hear the bass and they say Oh!

He can do no wrong...

Still slow and powerful, but with that Boys Noize touch. I think pretty much everything could use that touch. Watch out for his Late of the Pier remix that should be coming soon. Supposed to be a major banger.

Bonus: Just cause we love you...