Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kanye's Got it Locked Down

So by now you probably know Kanye debuted his latest effort at the VMA's the other day, and it didn't go over to well. Most people were slightly disappointed especially for something coming from him. He's supposed to have a new album out in December actually called 808's and Heartbreaks, and I have to assume this will be on it. I'm surprised he's got a full new album coming that soon after Graduation, but hey he's Kanye. He does what he wants. Unfortunately sometimes he goes to far with it as you can see in the video I put up there. Got a little feisty while passing through LAX and unfortunately TMZ wasn't too shy about sharing it with the world. But anyway I've heard the first single from this new album will be out this monday or tuesday so keep a look out for that. The track he introduced at the VMA's was Love Lockdown and there isn't yet a good quality version, but we have for you the best there is so far as well as what Flufftronix did with the track. Not anything really special in this remix, but I didn't expect much considering what he had to work with, and the amount of time he got it out in. So enjoy some new Kanye which is always fun and watch out for that new album in December.

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