Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crookers, What Up Y'all?

I'm still trying to figure out how I managed to let a brand new Crookers original slip right by me. It's been quite a while since Crookers have released anything that has truly impressed me. I don't really have much of an opinion on this song, but I suspect it may begin to grow on me. Their last remix which was of Miike Snow's recent hit "Animal" really let me down, especially since they hadn't released much of anything for months before that remix dropped. I don't know what it is, but it's as if Crookers is beginning to fall into the mainstream Electronic and Rap scene. For some reason their VERY old remix of Kid Cudi's "Day 'N' Night" has found it's way onto all the mainstream Hip-Hop/Rap stations here in Los Angeles, which has honestly stumped me. Whatever, I'm sure Crookers will end up proving themselves by releasing something amazing soon. Also on a side note, I figured I'd post my favorite track off Mightyfools latest EP, Partyjunkies. Definitely check this EP out if you haven't already, it has a bunch of quality heavy Electro.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Djedjotronic Likes Big Butt Girls

Lately I've become really fond of Djedjotronic, a young French artist straight off Boys Noize Records. Djedjotronic's Dirty & Hard - EP is being released February 2nd and will be featuring original collaborations with South African rapper Spoek as well as a remix by Boys Noize himself. I decided I'd give you guys a little taste of the EP by posting the new remix of Dirty & Hard by the Belgian electronic artist Keatch, as well as a fairly new remix by Djedjotronic of Just A Band's "Burn It Out." Enjoy and I just wanted to remind everyone to join our new Facebook group. 

New / Neo / Tokyo / Remix

A few months back Neo Tokyo let loose a few originals as well as some remixes and they were easily some of my favorite tracks at the time. Especially the originals had a sound that I was crazy about. His music sounds like if Crystal Castles got punched in the face by an angry Shinichi Osawa, and I really mean that in the best way possible. Unfortunately after that quick stretch of great releases he's been pretty inactive for the last few months. What I'm posting on today isn't new exactly since you've been able to listen to it on Neo Tokyo's myspace for a long time, but it's yet to be released for download. Well now he wants you to have it so here you go.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've said it before, but RCRD LBL consistently puts up outstanding remixes/originals from great artists for free download, and I often check their site when I'm looking for new music. In case you don't feel like searching through their site I'll point out some of the best stuff I've found there recently.


"Push" was one of my favorite tracks off Shinichi Osawa's album "The One". It was an underrated track and didn't get enough attention, but maybe now with this dope video  people will start noticing it more. The track has a great pop/electro sound with sassy female vocals to accompany. Just recently Tronik Youth let loose his remix of "Push". It's a good remix that chops up the song and gives it a new interesting feel. 

Thanks to OhhCrapp! for showing us the Tronik Youth remix, and Discobelle for showing us the music video.

New VEGA Track

VEGA, former front-man of blog-world favorite Ghosthustler, stirred up quite a commotion a few months back with his single "All Too Vivid". Now he is back with a new track titled "Well Known Pleasures". I personally am enjoying this track even more than "All Too Vivid". It's smooth arpeggiated synths compliment his voice perfectly, and make for an excellent disco throwback track with a nice hint of electro. Any fan of disco, indie-rock, or electro could easily find them selves dancing to this track.



Very informative and interesting interview with one of the most important men in electronic/dance music today.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Double Up

Two of our favorite artists, two new tracks from each. Enjoy.

Monday, January 26, 2009


The name Noob might throw you guys off a bit but don't be mistaken, this Noob is the one who is pwning. Noob is an up and comer straight from hyperactive Bordeaux. He has been gaining rapid notoriety with his class A remixing and being played by the likes of Tiga, Brodinski and Popof. This dude will be blowing up soon. He recently remixes Brodinski's new single on Turbo, "Oblivion" and remixes Popof's beautiful "Serenity." He also just finished a remix for Dance Area's "AA 24/7" which is out digitally on Erol Alkan's label, "Phantasy."

Popof - Serenity (Noob Remix) (ALT)

Brodinski - Oblivion (Noob Remix) (ALT)

Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 Should Be Fun...

As if The Bloody Beetroots didn't have a crazy enough 2008 they're making it look like 2009 could be even crazier. Check out this teaser mix they made of what they already have ready for this year. Thank you to electrocasts for pointing this out to us (you can find the tracklist there).

Also... in that Dada Life January Mix we posted a few days ago you may have noticed one of their original tracks was hiding in there. We have it for you and it's a monster of a track. As if I haven't said it enough I really can not wait for their album.

Palms Out '09

What's Palms Out Sounds going to be up to in the year 2009? Well besides running one of the best blogs on the web they will be releasing a whole bunch of exciting EP's on their quickly growing label. First up is Digital Manges with their single "Give Me A Reason". Nice little tune with a good remix from Douster. Next is Leif's "Black Magic" EP, which has already gotten lots of acclaim from blogs and magazines all over the place. 

To purchase the Digital Manges EP you can head right over here, or for the Leif EP try here

Also... this AC Slater release won't be on Palms Out Sounds, especially since he now has his own record label, but he has released things on Palms Out so I thought I'd include it in this post. Their should be an EP out with this on it pretty soon...

Lykke Li: Hustler

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Burial (DJ Mehdi Remix)

Is it just me or has Ed Banger completely fallen out of the Electronic music scene? Hopefully they will be releasing a new compilation sometime soon. Well I just downloaded DJ Mehdi's latest remix and I must say I like it. I've always been really fond of DJ Mehdi, both as a DJ and a producer. Plus he's a really nice guy, I had a nice talk with him at a concert last year hah. I'll also throw in A-Trak's newly released remix of Kilometer by Sébastien Tellier, which I must say is just okay, but you might as well give it a listen. I'll also give you guys the remix of Omen by Dirty Disco Youth because I forgot in my post last night, Enjoy!


Ryan Leslie

On more of an R&B note than usual for us: 
Pretty damn dope to be able to do that on the spot... guys got talent. Attended Harvard University at age 15 and graduated at 19. He's already gotten big through his production/song-writing/YouTube videos, and just recently original work. All of his YouTube vids are wild. Check them out at his Channel.

Hervé's Omen

The Prodigy's new album is set to drop February 16th and on it you'll find their newly leaked track "Omen" as well as quite a few other originals and remixes. I just stumbled across one of the remixes of Omen which will be found on the album, this one by Hervé, who just happens to be one of my favorite electronic artists. Definitely check out the remix, I'll hold up on posting the original Omen just to give you all a little more to look forward to once the album drops in February. Also I'll throw in a new Felix Cartal remix of a group by the name of From Monument To Masses. All I have to say is you won't be disappointed with this remix, Felix Cartal is a genius. Also I just wanted to give Lazy Records a big thanks, if it wasn't for them we wouldn't of been able to switch over to direct linking. From now on you'll be able to find a direct link in every post, Cheers! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Boemklatsch DJ crew have just released their first single, and wanted us, and therefore you guys, to know about it. It's a very solid EP with the original "Bonafied" and some excellent remixes. I chose my two favorite remixes of the three on the EP to share with you guys. Enjoy.

It seems the Mightyfools remix was a trade off for this...


Dada Life January Mix

First mix of 2009. Can't wait for their album.


Timelords - Doctor in Tardis (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #8)
Malente - Bring That Lead Back
Vird Peterson - Pete Goes Off
Fukkk Offf - Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)
Maskinen - Pengar
Alex Kidd - Rockin Down (Dirty Mix)
Lazy Jay - Float My Boat
Sharooz - Get Off (Miles Dyson Remix)
Mustard Pimp - Oh La La Satan
Chuckie - Let The Bass Kick
Super Viral Brothers - Back In The Swamp
Tiga - Mind Dimension 2
Dada Life - Rubber Band Boogie
Tim Healey feat TC - Out of Control (Pablo Decoder Superior Mix)
Dj  Mujava - Township Funk (Sinden Remix)
Siriusmo - Too Simple

Monday, January 19, 2009

Aer-OBAMA Video

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cash In My Pocket

Chew Fu is another person who's remixes I often find to be over estimated a little bit. I have felt that the production quality on many of his past remixes hasn't been excellent, but this new remix is so dope. He took Wiley's "Cash In My Pocket" and made both a "Big Room" and "Small Room" mix. The song is super catchy and fun. You may get this one stuck in your head for several days. Watch out.

Drop The Tough (Van She Remix)

I'm usually not quite as enthusiastic about Van She's remixes as most people I know. Their always good and fun, but I often feel they are over estimated. However, this latest one is really excellent. I'm absolutely loving this remix. I really don't know what else to say about it, just enjoy.


We got some new mash-ups for you from our man Don Diablo.

We Kids

This just got played on BBC Radio 1. Im not quite sure what to think about it yet. It sounds like a Justice production but has a weird feeling to it. You be the judge.

Justice - We Kids (Radio Rip) (ALT)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

$$ Troopers

Holy Fuck

Cold Blank Got Me Hypnotized

We've been big supporters of Cold Blank for a while now because we love their sound, and the way they handle and form their music. They sent over their latest and it's more of the same, not in a bad way though. I really like the rap remixes that drop to the original for the most part, it usually works very well. Certainly does in this one. Oh by the way, I believe they purposely did this remix right in time for the Notorious movie that came out yesterday. Looks dope. Everyone go see it.

I would put this one as a regular bonus, but I think it deserves more of a mention than that. I'm really feeling this one.

88 Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Until now I really hadn't seen a Cool Kids song be turned in to  a crazy banger, but there's a first time for everything. With the Chewy Chocolate Cookies latest they decided to tear up apart "88" with some grinding basslines, and pounding beats to match. It's probably not my favorite remix of there's or anything, and I don't love the use of the original song in it, but if you're looking for a straight banger to wake you up (and then some) then you've come to the right post.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Official Fancy Sounds Facebook Group

We made a Facebook group. If you read our blog frequently or just enjoy Facebook groups head over their and join now.


Sleep with one eye open. He is coming.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bass Attack

We posted about BUL!M!ATRON!'s "Stab Attack" a week or two ago. From what I can tell the remix contest is going well. One of the bigger names to remix the track so far is certainly L.A.'s own MR GASPAR. I've been following his stuff for a very very long time, and I have to say his remixing skills are just getting better and better. This one's one of his best yet.



Just though I'd do a general RoundUp of some cool tracks I've found or been sent recently. 

I'm a real sucker for acoustic version of tracks. There's something about hearing that stripped down, fresh sound of the instrumentals under the lyrics that I already know so well that just works for me. I recently discovered this Ting Tings acoustic version of their song "Great DJ", which was already one of my favorites of theirs. For me this version takes the song to a whole new level. The acoustic version gives the song a flow and rhythm that works almost too well. Also works perfectly the way it's slowed down.

And you must remember this one... still one of my favorites.

Next is Animal Collective's nifty little remix of "Mirando". Oh wait little doesn't really apply. This thing is a whopping 9 minutes and 57 seconds. Believe it or not it doesn't bore me. It's got some really nice new additions that you might not get from anyone other than Animal Collective.

Last, but not least is a new Housemeister track. This is chalk full of wild beats and samples (even one of 50 cent at one point!). Not sure exactly what I think of this track. Not really sure what I think of Housemeister all together yet. He's certainly impressed me sometimes and other times not so much, but really anyone Boys Noize likes has to have some serious talent. Anyway this track is pretty interesting. 


I don't know if I'll ever get used to the name Mustard Pimp, but I have definitely gotten used to the fact that they churn out bangers non-stop. Their latest track was featured on the Mad Decent blog, which always posts really cool stuff. You may be thinking "What alternate reality did I enter" when you hear the first minute and a half of this song, but don't worry it's coming, and it's worth it.


By The Way we're trying direct downloads. The (ALT) link is still YouSendIt, but the main is now direct.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don Diablo Remixes

Don Diablo seems to be working very hard lately, consistently having tracks out pretty much weekly. With a lot of artists, releases that many songs can mean that some start to lack in quality. I'm certainly not seeing that with Don Diablo, at least yet. Hopefully he keeps it up. I really like his sound.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some People To Watch

These artists are just starting to make a name for themselves, and we think you should know about them first.

Monday, January 12, 2009

ZZZ Remixed

We're a little late to post this one, but these tracks are worth it. I love them and I think you will too. A while back ZZZ let loose their track "Lion", and soon after Breakbot's excellent remix popped up. I enjoyed both the original and Breakbot remix immensely until a few weeks ago when the full remix EP was released and now there's even more for you and I too enjoy. The big name added on the EP is Bag Raiders, but that Lowbrows remix is actually quite good. Hadn't heard of them until now, but I might have to check them out further after hearing this.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Don't Stop the Music

Sit back, let her voice put you in a trace, and forget that this song has anything to do with a cheesy top 40 mainstream pop hit.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

New NT89

NT89 (pronounced 1989) has already made friends with people like The Bloody Beetroots, Congorock, and Shinichi Osawa, and released several highly esteemed remixes/edits. With that under his belt in 2008 I see him accomplishing even more in '09. His latest remixes are of "Positif" and "Mind Dimension". Both really show off his sound and talent. Supposedly the "Mind Dimension" remix is by him and Shinichi Osawa, but seeing as how he never mentioned that on his myspace blog where he announced the remix, and Shinichi hasn't said anything... I don't know. Anyway these tracks are both excellent so check them out.

Edit: So on the subject of whether or not Shinichi was in fact involved in this remix, the answer is no. At least on the version we posted. However, he did send this version to Shinichi and then he added his own little touches. So, the version you have seen going around with Shinichi's name attached is in fact real, but this one is too. There you go folks!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Have A Vision

Well I must say of all the car companies releasing remix EP's, compilations in the electronic/dance genre Scion is the best. But seriously the stuff they have put out in the last year or two has been great. This time their back with another remix Project, taking on Roy Davis Jr.'s "I Have A Vision". They've had some great remixers before, but this could be the best selection yet. Fred Falke, The Juan Maclean, AND Todd Edwards. At the moment I'm feeling the Fred Falke remix the most, but all three are excellent. 

As for the The Juan Maclean remix; you can get that one over at RCRD LBL. Check out more Scion A/V here


Time To Pretend

This remix just slipped by us didn't it. This was Boys Noize's secret weapon for a while but the secret is out. Its a fucking bomb.

MGMT - Time To Pretend (Diplo Remix) [Removed By Request]

Boys Noize's Head

You probably remember Para One's brilliant remix of the mystery Boys Noize track "My Head" (if not please go find it right now). For a while I, and everyone I asked had no idea if "My Head" was a real track or what the deal was, but now Boys Noize has released it as a single completely randomly. Although strange that the Para One remix came out first, and I still really don't understand what the story behind this track is, it's cool to hear the original. The original isn't as good as the Para One remix, but it's still a good track that I highly encourage you to purchase. You can get it at either iTunes or Beatport, and probably many many more online music stores.


As VND/LSM I really enjoyed their music, but I feel as AutoErotique they have really taken it to a whole new level. Out of what I've heard they are yet to disappoint in any way. Every track with their name on it is simply blissful. The latest addition to their growing ensemble of powerful bangers is a remix of Shinichi Osawa's "Star Guitar". Now I really have now idea how the hell "Star Guitar" was left off of our Best Songs of the Year list, but I guess it just got lost during the excruciating agony we went through trying to pick the ten best songs of such a great year of music! Anyway, I knew I would love this track even before listening to it, and I was right. Another job well done. Very well done.

Speaking of Shinichi, I haven't seen too many blogs mention his new remix of "Poor Innocent Boys" that was featured on the Kitsuné Scion Sampler, and it's really something you wouldn't want to miss out on, so here you go. If you haven't checked out that Kitsuné Scion Sampler, I highly suggest you do. You won't be disappointed. 


Note: Although this remix didn't win the remix contest, Don Rimini himself voted for it. If it's got his approval it has certainly got ours.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Crookers!

Crookers have been on a well deserved rest lately. Well I don't know if touring the shit out of the world is considered a break but they have not released any new tunes and remixes lately. Crookers just resurface with their new remix of "Animal" by Mike Snow. I know absolutely nothing about Mike Snow but this track has some damn catchy vocals. This remix is much different than all previous Crookers productions and surprised me when I listened to it for the first time. It goes in a very different direction than their other productions but the more I listen to it the more I like it. I can't get the damn melody out of my head. Also their is also some buzz around a project with Crookers and Kanye West. Will report on that later with more details.

Animal (Crookers Remix) - Mike Snow (ALT)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Buffetlibre Rewind 2

I know, I know. We're just sooooo late to post on the new Rewind Mixtape. I mean it's been out almost a week now! Hopefully you can get past it, forgive us and listen up. There at it again with all new covers, remixes, and even a mash-up or two this time. In case you don't know, the concept behind these mixtapes is getting new, upcoming artists to cover/remix classic 80's songs. Clever concept, executed well, outcome is excellent. Lots of fun even for someone my age who wasn't really around for the originals. I wasn't planning on posting any of the individual tracks since they're all up for free download at the Buffetlibre site, but NightWaves specifically asked us too so I decided I'd go ahead and do it. Their cover of "In The Air Tonight" has a nice soft disco/pop feel, but all of you who are looking for a heavy banger, don't worry. About 3/4 of the way through it gets really nice and heavy. Good stuff.

P.S. I just put a new pole up. Now it may see like we're asking in a threatening way or something, but I assure you it is not meant like that at all. We simply would really like to know, are you here for information/writing or just for some free tracks. So yeah, please be truthful and vote. Now!

Shinichi Osawa Remixes "Jounetsu No Daishou"

AH today I began school once again, putting an end to my wonderful 2 weeks of Winter break. Just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 2009! The contributers here at Fancy Sounds greatly appreciate you all as readers and we hope you guys stick with us during the new year! Okay just to get back on topic. . . Shinichi Osawa's latest remix dropped today, this time of a song by the name of "Jounetsu No Saishou" by a group called "Girl Next Door." I've never heard anything from this group, nor can I find their myspace, but I must say I'm really digging the remix. Check it out, and for you readers from around Los Angeles I'm playing another show at the Roxy, this time with the Los Angeles duo Villains. The shows this Saturday, January 10th at the Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip. Enjoy!

Meet Your Replacement

For those of you who don't already know, Lies In Disguise is comprised of Le Castle Vania and Blake Miller (front man for Moving Units, 1/2 of Weird Science). You know I love anything Le Castle Vania does, and with what Blake Miller's been up to recently he's certainly starting to make a fan out of me. This new single of theirs is a real banger (as I would expect from the two). Only thing I could say on a negative note about this one is the vocals aren't really my type of thing. But hey, that's just me. Anyway, I was sad to see Discodust got this one first, but how could I resist posting this one even if I wasn't going to be the first one to jump on it.


No Big Deal Remix Contest: Moulinex & Xinobi

From the nice folks who run the No Big Deal Remix Contests: 
Hey all,

We are hosting our next No Big Deal remix contest in anticipation of Moulinex and Xinobi coming for their US Debut. They are playing at Europa in Brooklyn on Jan 23 and at Kung Fu Neck Tie in Phillyon Jan 24

They have teamed up to make the DISCO Texas theme and given us the parts for the remix. The due date is Tuesday Jan 20th and people should email us at There is more info on the contest (including the parts) at Any post would be greatly appreciated.

Love, No Big Deal

Monday, January 5, 2009


I am more than sure that all you guys out in the blogosphere know about our good friend Proxy. Ever since he was picked up by Turbo the dude has never stop climbing to the top and pretty much conquered 2008 with the massive tune Raven. Proxy is just the first out of the Russian scene to make it big. Following Proxy are the likes of Polymorphic and Marseille. Both helped their friend out Proxy when he needed someone to remix his grenade of a track Raven. Both remixes wowed me immensely but the Polymorphic remix just left me stunned. It led to me exploring his discography and after listening to one of his original tracks I have never felt the same. His music sounds like it would be the soundtrack to Dante's inferno. It is the darkest dance music I have ever heard in my entire life. Well done Polymorphic. I will share some more about Marseille in my next post.

Polymorphic - Toxication (Original Mix) (ALT)

Proxy - Raven (Polymorphic Remix) (ALT)

Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (Polymorphic Remix) (ALT)


Heartsrevolution - Ultraviolence (Vitalic Remix) (ALT)

I Am What Porno Should Be

In the last few months I have been listening to a decent amount of Hot Pink Delorean without ever really reaching a final judgement on how I felt about them. I had heard a few cool originals and some really tight remixes, but nothing to really blow 'em in to rotation on my iTunes. However, they sent us over there new EP, and I am very very impressed. Four great tracks that I can really tell they put their time and heart in to. The EP is called "I Am What Porno Should Be" and is now available on iTunes. I picked my two favorite from the EP. Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I do.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fidgets Live In Houses?

Between their solo stuff, and what they do as Cold Blank, Big Nasty and Mr Gaspar are turning in to two of the most productive upcoming artists out there. With new songs and remixes coming out pretty much weekly (all of them being really good) I really do have to show appreciation for effort not only quality. Another finely produced original from Cold Blank today. Although this is great, what I really can't wait for is the release of their "Back Up In This" remix, which you can listen to now at their myspace. Sorry about the lack of posting lately, hopefully you had a nice new years, and enjoy this little gem.


The Bloody Beetroots Remix The All-American Rejects?

Yes the it's true, and I must say it's quite good. This remix is being released on the "Gives You Hell" remix EP, but from the artwork on this song I guess it's also being released on some form of album. Remixes of such artists as Tiga, Pink, Sounds of Stereo, The All-American Rejects and many others are also supposed to be featured on this album as well as a few originals. The Bloody Beetroot's have yet to disappoint me with anything they have been releasing lately and I'm VERY excited to hear their album. I'm sure there will be many unreleased songs on it which we've all been waiting a long time for. As a little new years treat I'll throw in the newest LAZRtag remix of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.