Saturday, January 10, 2009

New NT89

NT89 (pronounced 1989) has already made friends with people like The Bloody Beetroots, Congorock, and Shinichi Osawa, and released several highly esteemed remixes/edits. With that under his belt in 2008 I see him accomplishing even more in '09. His latest remixes are of "Positif" and "Mind Dimension". Both really show off his sound and talent. Supposedly the "Mind Dimension" remix is by him and Shinichi Osawa, but seeing as how he never mentioned that on his myspace blog where he announced the remix, and Shinichi hasn't said anything... I don't know. Anyway these tracks are both excellent so check them out.

Edit: So on the subject of whether or not Shinichi was in fact involved in this remix, the answer is no. At least on the version we posted. However, he did send this version to Shinichi and then he added his own little touches. So, the version you have seen going around with Shinichi's name attached is in fact real, but this one is too. There you go folks!


One response to “New NT89”

nt89 said...

hi there, thanks for the post :)

about the tiga remix the truth is that i sent shinichi that version and he changed it a bit and it edited for a long timed track.