Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hope you all got something nice and fun to do. We'll be at Hard Haunted Mansion getting our faces melted (for line-up look up about a half an inch). We know you'll all be getting plenty of treats, but we got a couple for you right now just to get the festivities going.

And The Winner Is...

Boys Noize Records!!! Congrats guys. We got a total of 130 votes, and exactly 30 of those went to Boys Noize Records. Second place was Ed Banger with 27 votes. To my surprise Institubes, Cheap Thrills, and Fools Gold straggled behind when I thought any of those had a decent chance at winning. However it certainly doesn't come as a shock that Boys Noize won. They've been putting out some great stuff and with BNR, Vol. 1 coming out this month it was hard to ignore them. I was fairly happy with the turn out this month, but hopefully on the next poll we can get considerably  more voters! So here's some of the latest stuff from the Boys Noize crew.

The next poll is simply asking where you're from. We thought it'd be fun to see where the majority of our readers call home. It's by country, and so sorry if we left yours out, but we really couldn't put them all. If that's the case just click the other button. So consider the polls now open!

Erol Alkan Reworm

I've been waiting quite a while now for an excuse to use this beautiful picture I took of Erol at Coachella this year. We finally have the edit he did for ZZT's new banger, and it's really cool. Erol does what he usually does and gives The Worm that little kick it needed. Thanks to La Friendly.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Adventure

No matter what mood your in Lifelike's uplifting melodies and arpeggiations take control of your emotions and make you the happiest person in the world. Enjoy.

Lifelike - Adventure (Alt. Link) 


Van She has definitely been one of my favorite bands ever since I got into Electronic music. They will soon be releasing an EP of remixes of one of my favorite songs by them, titled "Kelly." Remixes done by Lifelike, Shinichi Osawa, Breakbot, and M83 will be featured on the EP. The remixes these guys did of Kelly are all great and I suggest going out and buying the EP when it's released. My favorite is definitely the Shinichi Osawa remix, which Z posted like 2 days ago (scroll down and you'll find it.) Just because I'm feeling nice I'll give you guys the remixes Lifelike and M83 did, and again just scroll down a tiny bit for the Shinichi Osawa remix. 

They're Not Joking Around

Just another great artist signed to A-Trak's Fools Gold label. I'm sure most of you or at least some of you know Jokers of the Scene from their funky fun remixes, but even if you don't prepare for something you really didn't expect. Or I didn't at least. This new single of theirs is fucking awesome. Hit 3:30 seconds in on this, and tell me you don't love this song. Absolutely can not wait to hear this at a concert with a good system. People are going to go nuts over this one. I know it. The entire EP is really great, but the stand out track has to be this single. Still though I highly encourage you to check out the rest of the EP here. All good stuff. I also threw in a really cool remix of the other single on the EP. Enjoy.

Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes I See the Future!

Everything Soulwax has done recently has ben exceptional. I'm sure most people would say everything they've ever done is exceptional, but I've been noticing it more than ever lately. This time they remixed their dear old friend Tiga's new song. The EP with this song should be out shortly, ant then the album will follow hopefully not too long after. This is Tiga's first single since 2006 so he made sure it's a good one. The entire EP will be great I'm sure, and certainly what I've heard is. Soulwax did a great job with this new remix. I bet you guys will love it.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Order To Dance...

you must simply buy this CD. This compilation really includes some brilliant tracks. On the first CD you have some of the real classic electronic songs from some of the most influential artists there are or have been. On the second CD some of the best remixers of our day did their thang to transform these classics in to modern day bangers. It's a really good compilation, and I really encourage you to check it out. You can do that right here, and in case you need a little more motivation here's a little treat.

Mos Def and Mr Flash?

Mos Def just released a new song by the name of "Life in Marvelous Times," produced by Ed Banger's Mr Flash. This doesn't sound like anything Mos Def has ever released, and you can definitely hear the Mr Flash in it. It's really interesting to hear their two sounds together. Makes for a pretty good song. Give it a listen. Happy Halloween everyone!

Just Because...

Nothing to say except listen and enjoy. Two amazing tracks.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Interview #1: Le Castle Vania

For our first interview ever on Fancy Sounds we were lucky enough to talk to the amazing Le Castle Vania. Most of you probably know his stuff by now, but if not get ready to learn. Here's a big old dosage of Q & A for ya. In case you can't figure this out while reading, our questions are in italics, and his answers are typed regularly.

Ok. Ready to get started?


So your real name is Dylan. How did you come up with the name Le Castle Vania?

It sort of came from the video game Castlevania. At first it was just a joke with some friends about making a band named after the game, but then I did a remix for Snowden of the song Black Eyes, and I needed a name. I decided to change it up from the video game name, and make it Le Castle Vania just to make it sound a little cooler. I wasn't thinking it would become my long term name, but then the remix really blew up so I was like I guess my name's Le Castle Vania now. Haha

How's it feels being a popular electronic artist? Having your music all over blogs, playing great venues with other great artists. Good fun?

Yeah of course. I mean I feel very blessed. I've put in a lot of work, and have been DJing a long time so it feels good to have it all pay off, and to see people really getting in to my music.

What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

Hmmmm. Well mainly rock. Violent Femmes, Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, Nine Inch Nails. Also stuff like Depeche Mode and Massive Attack. Later I got in to stuff like Crystal Method and The Prodigy. Then when I was about 15 I got in to DJing. I was spinning drum n' bass. I was really in to stuff like Kemal, Dom and Roland, Tech Itch, Ed Ruch and Optical, and so on.  

Do you think that stuff still inspires you today?

Oh for sure. My music is all very rock influenced. Another one of my favorites is Refused. I have sampled a lot of things and ideas from various rock bands that have influenced me as a musician over the years. I have samples from Smashing Pumpkins, The Refused, and a few Violent Femmes that I work in to my live DJ sets. But in a way that is still true to the whole indie electro vibe. I try to make my shows like the rock show of dance parties.

Very cool. How would you describe your music?

hmm. It's just a fusion of all the music that I love. It has a strong disco vibe, and of course some rock thrown in there as well as drum n' bass, indie, trip-hop, just whatever I am inspired by. 

What was the first piece of DJing/music making equipment you ever purchased?

My first of gear was a roland MC 505 Groove Box. Haha. I still have it, but never use it. I did a sample of a cool rave stab off of it though not too long ago.

Who's your favorite super hero?

I'm not really much of a super hero guy. More of an anti-hero kinda guy. Like the character in Sin City. Stuff like that.

You're based in Atlanta. What's your opinion of the electronic music scene there?

It's small, but growing. There are some very talented artists coming up from here. Treasure Fingers is from here. I made him the resident DJ for my monthly party here in Atlanta called Fuck Yesss. Klever is also from the ATL as is RRRUMP, a  group of really dope producers I am putting out on my label ALWAYS NEVER. 

I always thought of it as more of a hip-hop place, but that could change I suppose. How about the electronic music of the world in general? Headed in the right direction?

Well I don't really think there is such a thing as a "right direction". The right direction should be in the eyes of the person creating it, and there is more or less a market for all sorts of things. So in that sense I do feel like electronic music is continuing to grow in that way, although I do also feel like this is a genre that is being flooded with mediocre producers and DJs that aren't really doing anything special.

Agreed. Have you played outside of the United States before?

Yeah, I've toured across Mexico, Canada, Australia, and some parts of the UK. I'm off to Paris as well as Holland in about a month.

Anywhere you haven't played yet that you're really looking forward to?

Japan of course. And more parts of the UK and Europe.

Any part of the U.S. you enjoy playing especially? Better crowds... better clubs... whatever reason it may be.


Yeah, we seem to have that affect on people. Haha. From a DJ standpoint do you know intuitively which songs to drop based on the crowd/where you're playing or does it take you some time to figure out what they like?

Well at this point in my career I feel like most of the people coming out to my shows are there to see a Le Castle Vania show. By that I mean they are there to see me do my thing and my sound. I more or less just do my own thing, but of course as I go through the set I catch the vibe of what's working and what's not and I adjust to that and roll with it.

Do you have any songs that you love, play often, and know will really get the crowd going? Your songs or not. Either way.

I have an exclusive edit of Robot Rock that I have done, which always works. Zero Machine always gets people pumped. Black Eyes is a fan favorite and classic for me, and people usually get really pumped on the Go Back remix I did.

Ohhh secret Daft Punk remix. I saw The Bloody Beetroots and they had a few of those as well. Any chance of releasing that?

No. Haha. The only way you get to hear it is if you come see me live. I have quite a few of those exclusives. Zero Machine was on of those for a while, but I gave it to a few friends and somehow it leaked. So now I have shared it with everyone.

On you website it says you've played with Soulwax, Justice, MSTRKRFT, to name a few. What was that like? Do you get inspiration from these artists?

It's always cool to see other artists in the same genre as me do their thing. I don't take much influence from those artists though. Except for Soulwax. I think those guys are geniuses, and I do like how the new Justice stuff has really big drums. I mean I respect all of those artists work, but it's not necessarily stuff that inspires my work. 

Have to agree. Soulwax is unbelievable. What's your favorite track that you've made so far?

My personal favorite is the Go Back remix because I did the vocoder vocals on it, and it just has everything that I want my songs to have. It's got fun catchy parts that are kind of funky, but it also has some total rock out banger parts.

What equipment do you use to create your tracks?

I write most of my music in Logic.

and what do you use to DJ?

Serato with two turn tables.

So take us through an average day in the life of Le Castle Vania.

There is no such thing as an "average day" in my life. Haha.

Aha. So give us a few good upcoming artists to watch out for?

RRRUMP, Computer Club. I also dig Fukkk Offf. Most people already know D.I.M., but he's killing it.

Ya Is You has been and still is one of my all time favorites.

Ya I have the parts to it and have been playing around with remixing it, but haven't focused in on it yet. I'm also remixing Rave Is King by Fukkk Offf.

Love that song as well. Would absolutely love to see either of those remixes i the future.

Rave Is King will be the next tune I drop so hold tight.

And a few songs and/or albums you're really in to at the moment?

Mars Volta - Deloused In the Comatorium. 
Mars Volta - Frances the Mute.
Soulwax - Nite Versions.
I'm starting to work on my full length album so I have been listening to a lot of whole albums both rock and electronic.

Any last words?

Just want everyone to keep an ear out for the full length album. Can't talk too much about it right now, but I am closing a deal with an awesome label that I really believe in, and I have some really cool collaborations planned for the album.

Alright! Thanks so much, and can't wait to hear some new stuff from you soon.

The End.

So there you have it. And what kind of blog would we be if we didn't leave you with a few amazing tracks?

Hope you had fun. We sure did.


Thought I would give you guys an update of some stuff I have been working on. I recently did a remix for the digitalism remix contest of the track "Taken Away" and I did a dj mix of all B'more tracks just for fun. Hope you guys enjoy.

Digitalism - Taken Away (Jake's Autobahn Remix) (Alt. Link)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

The new EP is out, and it's something you really gotta check out. I was slightly surprised actually because I had come to like him better under his Curses! name, but this single is really something special. Great vocals, beat, and of course that amazing bass-line we've come to expect from every Drop The Lime song. The original is excellent, and he got some really good remixers this time. So here's the original of Hear Me with the excellent Drums of Death remix as well. Hadn't heard anything I had really loved from Drums of Death til now so they certainly took a step up in my book. Oh and go buy the full EP, and hear some more of those great remixes here.

Oh, and I nearly forgot Drums of Death was just returning the favor for this remix Curses! did on his last EP.

Rubbed Out

Alexis Taylor, lead singer of Hot Chip recently released a solo album quite under the radar. The album was exclusively tailored in places,planes,hotel rooms and at home with 15 bespoke songs and instrumentals by Alexis Taylor. The only place you can get the album is at Cargo Records.

Alexis Taylor - Coming Up

Friday, October 24, 2008

We're All a Little Wild At Heart

That's the promotional video for Lost in Music off Jean Nipon's new EP Wild at Heart. Don't know if it's technically the official video for the song, but it's really fun, and certainly very interesting so I thought I'd post it. Anyway his new EP is straight fire! I love at least the first two tracks, and the third is far from bad. He's got a really interesting, unique, and fun sound that just makes you wanna bounce up and down. Pretty much everything institubes puts out these days is great so this EP being awesome was no shock to me. Here's my favorite track off the EP as well as a really cool remix he did a while back. So check these out, and support good music by buying the EP here.


New Proxy Remix

Just came in to our inbox today. I was super excited after his Home Zone remix was so amazing. Couldn't wait for the next one, and it's pretty damn good. His sound is just amazing. Anyway this time the remix is of aUtODiDakT's new single Shit Your Rack. Really good song in the first place, and Proxy just does what he needs to do to make it even better. Unfortunately it's only in 96 kbps, and I would've waited for a slightly better version at least to post it, but I knew how much you guys would want it so I decided to post anyway. So enjoy. Here's the original, and the Proxy remix. The other remixes on the EP are really great too. I lost the link unfortunately, but go find, and buy the EP!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dubstep Needs Love Too!

This picture perfectly describes the feeling of a crushing Dubstep bass line demolishing everything in a 50 foot radius. I just thought I would post some dubstep on hear because their hasn't been any yet. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For the last few months I've been fairly obsessed with almost all of Bandit's music. I'd be very willing to say at least 3 of his songs will end up on my best of the year list. His production is flawless. His sound is raw, synthy, and well, awesome. Unfortunately pretty much all I know about him is that his name is Alex, he's 19 years old, he's French, and he makes amazing electronic music. It was hard enough to find songs by him let alone information on him. Only know that stuff from his myspace. I don't know how he is not already on every blog, playing every venue, or at least just on a label. He is yet to release any remixes, but according to his myspace their are a couple on the way. So I'll try to get to the music here, but pretty much just check this stuff out. Really. I almost guarantee you'll enjoy it. I would probably [Most Fancy] them all, but there were two that stood out especially so I decided to just do those two.

Rapture - Bandit [Most Fancied] 

Anthem - Bandit [Most Fancied]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Joakim Shows You How To Remix

With the release of his compilation of his My Best Remixes compilation I went back, and listened to the remixes of his I had. Then I went and downloaded a few more. You want know what's really similar about all those remixes I had and now have? They're all great. His style of remixing is very beautiful, and elegant. Long remixes that take apart the song and rework them and form them in to something new, and different yet very reminiscent of what was heard in the original track. While his choices for his compilation were excellent I've made a list for myself just for fun. Most of these are on the compilation, but a couple aren't. I thought that Pocket Piano was especially amazing, and tasteful so check that out definitely. 


Monday, October 20, 2008

One and Only Dominator

Hehe. Little bit of Halo loyalty/geekyness right there, but it's all good. Anyway Dominator is a classic, and lately got a little revival with two great remix EP's. I thought since so many great artists were showing their appreciation for the classic I should by making a post on my favorite remixes of it. Then I thought about how with all these great remixes the original track has practically disappeared so I decided to include that too. So enjoy these, and check out those two EP's, both of which are on beatport.


Designer Drugs Original #1

Yes. Yes. Yes. The people behind some of my favorite remixes of the last year or so finally have an original. I'm not going to lie, as well as I'd like to say I know Designer Drugs stuff, this isn't exactly what I thought an original from them would sound like. It's a little different from their remixes, which is awesome because it lets us know that, although that sound they have on most of their is great, they can make other stuff too. All in all this songs probably better than This is gonna be released as Designer Drugs first official original release on iheartcomix, and I'm expecting some good remixes maybe... I don't know. Either way great song.

Oh! Also a new remix from Calvin Harris. Always fun.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm in (Turbo) Love

Bag Raiders are back with their new EP. The title track is Turbo Love, but I actually like the b-side better. That's not to say that Turbo Love is bad. I mean it's really not. Their both seriously awesome songs, but something about the b-side is making me really love it. I've been listening to Bag Raiders stuff for quite some time now, and I'd say these two originals are their best so far, and certainly compare very closely with some of their best remixes. Anyway I have the b-side for you as well as two of my favorite remixes of theirs.



For the last couple days VEGA's been all over the blog-o-sphere. He's the former front man for Ghosthustler, and now he's doing some solo stuff, and it's awesome. Now there's also been a guy by the name of Mr. Vega who's been doing some really cool stuff lately, and a lot of people have been getting them confused. The easiest way to tell what's by who is that VEGA hasn't done any remixes. He's only released his single All To Vivid, and is yet to do any remixes although he tells me some are on the way. So ya just in case you were confused. But anyway VEGA's got a great disco-ish pop-ish fun sound that's hard not to like. Check it out.

Since We've Been Gone

Sorry we haven't posted for a few days. Busy weekend. Oh and no this post has nothing to do with Kelly Clarkson, despite the title. Hopefully you can accept our apology for the lack of posts, but if not maybe these little presents can change your mind.

Oh by the way. Using Mediafire for now because zShare's been acting up.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October Mix

My other post got messed up and so did the zshare file so I have my october mix once again for you guys with a full tracklisting.


The Worm - ZZT

Get Up (Diplo Remix) - Bingo Players

XR2 (Dada Life Remix) - M.I.A.

Donkey Punch - Hatrias & Jelo

Stitch (Bass Kleph Remix) - Twocker

Sunglasses at night (Popof Remix 2) - Tiga and Zyntherius

The Riot - Dusty Kid vs. Bruce Willis is Dead - Mr Oizo

Big Money Comin' - Crookers

Body - Mansion

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This One's Hot. Not cold

The American Dream Team has been putting out really cool mix-tapes, remixes, and original tracks for a while now, but until today there was nothing that really inspired me to post on them. I check our inbox a few times a day, and today I was very happy to find this great remix. It's by far the best remix I've heard of the song which I personally like better then I Kissed a Girl (not that either of them are my cup of tea). Check out the remix. It's a really fun electro touch on the fun pop sound. I also put in my favorite original of theirs.


We got a nice e-mail asking us to provide a link to beatport for that Fly By Night remix so here it is. We really do encourage you to buy these songs after you listen to them.

New Math Head x 3

Math Head AKA Passions has been one of my favorite artists for quite some time now. No matter which name of those two names you choose to look at him under, he makes some crazy music. You may think to yourself hmmm Math Head being Passions is kind of like Drop The Lime being Curses!. Well I don't know exactly why they both choose to do it, but they are both on the brilliant Trouble & Bass label, and from what I've heard they're very good friends. But back to Math Head's music. It's pretty awesome wild music filled with pounding wobbling basslines. My excuse for finally posting on him was these three remixes he just released.

Take Me Up (Math Head Remix) - NROTB [Removed By Request] 

I also though I'd give you guys a few more of my favorite things from him. Here's my favorite original of his that was put out as a B-Side to his also brilliant single Turn the Music Up, which was released on Palms Out.

Get Hype - Math Head [Most Fancied]

Oh and don't you worry he's been remixed. There have been some really great ones, but today I choose out just my favorite two. One is one of those remix yourself type of things, which ended up working really well, and the other is just a good old fashion friend remixing friend. now I would have posted more Passions originals and remixes, but that would be a ridiculously huge post so I'll save those for another time. But enjoy these remixes.

P.S. Check out our fun new DropBox over on the right. Use it to easily send us your own tracks or some random tracks you really like. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fuck What Yo Momma Say

You gon vote Obama way.

P.S. Watch the debate Wednesday!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Raven Remixed

Image Hosted by
He's been one of the biggest artists of the last year or so, and Raven will probably end up being one of the biggest songs of the year, but now we got to hear something we hadn't really heard yet. Good remixes of his stuff. I would imagine from listening to his songs that the way they are formulated and the sounds they use make them kinda tough to remix, but these guys did great. I wouldn't say any of the remixes I've seen beat the original, but it was such a unique interesting song that I wasn't expecting them to improve on it much. They all certainly did a good job of transforming it in to their own thing, and making it new and interesting. Check it.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Marble House

Who would have thought that one day Dave Sitek along wih the rest of TV On The Radio would be remixing a Knife track. Well today is your lucky day my friend.

Marble House (Dave Sitek/TV On the Radio Remix) - The Knife [Most Fancied]

These Guys Got It Locked Down

So by now of course there have been at least a few good remixes of Love Lockdown so I figured rather than making you search through the billions of them I'd pick out the best.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jack Got Jacked

Palms Out runs a great blog, label, and community, and I keep finding that my favorite things coming out of their are AC Slater productions. His latest EP has been highly anticipated, and there was good reason. Really good song with a really good remix/remixer. Also threw in my favorite remix of his. Consider these all most fancied.

Virgins? Not after The Twelves are done with them!

I don't know the exact amount of time, but it must have been at least six months ago if not anymore. I was looking around iTunes for some new alternative/indie rock, and I came across The Virgins. At the time they only had a fairly small EP out, but all the songs were really good.  listened to that EP a ton for the next few weeks then forgot about it (this happens way to often). Then a week ago or so some remixes started popping up of some of their songs, and I started getting excited. But for none could I have been more excited than The Twelves. I'm sure most of you know their remixes, but if you don't, get on it. Their some of the best around. Anyway they really took this song, and made it their own.

Double Bonus!:

It's The Bomb. For Realz.

So last weekend I got to see Surkin, and of course it was amazing. In the midst of all the great songs in his set he played this, and I thought Hey! I remember this. I found this song quite a while ago by looking at a Surkin tracklist in face, and had completely forgotten he often played it. It's a really great classic fun dance song. So when I got home from the show I decided to listen to the song again, and even check if any new remixes of it came out or anything. And I found a remix of it that isn't new or anything, but until a few days ago I was unaware of. Turns out electronic genius Armand Van Helden decided to put his touch on this track, and it's pretty cool. Actually not extremely different from the original, but still cool to get a different touch on it. So enjoy this classic.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've been loving The Black Ghosts (just like everyone else) for the last few months, and I was extremely excited when I saw RAC on the remix EP for Repetition Kills You. I bought the song and it's a great remix. But if you know RAC like me you would've expected that. He specializes in remixes (RAC = Remix Artist Collective) and he's really good. Really really good. He knows just what to do to each song, and it always sounds great. He and many other great remixes are featured on that Repetition Kills you EP so go buy those tracks and support some good music here. If you don't want to buy the entire thing I'd probably say get the RAC remix and the Laidback Luke remix. But really they're all great.

This Be Good remix is the first thing I ever heard from RAC, and it's a real treat. You'll like it no matter what, but it makes it even better to listen to the original first then compare so you really get all of what he did. After that I threw in a fun track he did for his Nintendo vs. Sega EP.



Here's the new remix of Jack U, this time being brought to you from MSTRKRFT's JFK. I like it, however it doesn't compare to the remix Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso did of it. Give them both a listen.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Can't Take It anymore? Try These!

In case you need a break from the bangers.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Detour 2008

We just got home from this years LA Weekly Detour, and it was unbeleviavable. Some of the best sets I've ever seen from Para One, Surkin, and The Bloody Beetroots. They were amazing. I also want to shout out to all the other DJ's for putting on a great show. The picture above is city hall looking up from the front entrance. That's where the DJ stage was. Right on the entrance/courtyard to city hall up the stairs and everything. Really cool. The only bands we really got to see was Cut Copy (who was absolutely awesome) and a tiny bit of the Presets. All of us at Fancy Sounds will put up the footage and photo's we got of the shows as soon as we have the time! The Bloody Beetroots dropped a lot of unreleased tracks including a short meddle of Daft Punk remixes that I hope will get released at some point in the future cause they were insane.

Bonus (Two more from the new Fools Gold Remixed album that the Cross the Dancefloor Chromeo Remix was on):

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Worm

Ignore my previous post. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the worm.

Cross the Dancefloor... Remixed... Again... YAY!

So there have already been tons of remixes of Cross the Dancefloor, and we at FS have posted many of them, but this one just came out. They did a similar thing to what they did on Chrome Knight. On this one they change the song up a bit as well as sing over it. It was featured on the new Scion CD Sampler full of remixed tracks from the Fools Gold label. So here's some good disco fun.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Fake Blood! Live! Remixed!

Fake Blood performed his first live show (as Fake Blood anyway) at the Parklife Adelaide festival, and although no one any of us know was lucky enough to be there for that great line-up some amazing person that I will eternally love put up some videos of Fake Blood's set, and it looks really great. I don't know if he's going to start playing live a lot, but I would really love to see him. Anyway check out the videos, and be jealous of anyone you know who went. Very jealous.

And a few people chose to remix Fake Blood's originals, and some of them turned it really cool. Check em.

Thanks to FVCV for bringing the videos to my attention, ad ppelectro for bringing most of the remixes to my attention.

New Stereoheroes Mix

Stereoheroes' new mixtape for Sick & Spinning showed up in our inbox yesterday. Check it out.


01. Straaatch - Bastard
02. Djedotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty and Hard
03. Stereoheroes - Fever Pitch (Instrumental)
04. Jay-Z - Jockin' Jay-Z (Don Rimini Remix)
05. Ze Bug - Fabulous (Stereoheroes Remix)
06. AC Slater - Bassline Time
07. Relentless - Mono Love (Stereoheroes Remix)
08. Kaz Nishimura - Loverevo (Stereoheroes Remix)
09. Supabeatz - Sexo Perfecto (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
10. Congorock - Runark (His Majesty Andy Growl Remix)
11. Rampage  -Big Breath
12. Mom & Dad - This is Shit (Bryan Cox Remix)
13. EPMD - Run It (Herve Remix)
14. Hostage - Snakecharmer
15. Hot Chip - Hold On (Switch LA Remix)
16. Clazziquai Project - Prayers (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
17. Mustard Pimp - Oh La La Satan
18. Mustard Pimp - Oh La La Satan (Stereoheroes Remix)
19. Metallica - Seek and Destroy (PRO7 Remix)
20. Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (Yuksek Remix) 
21. Division Kent - No Kryptonite (Baxter Beez vs. Ben & Chico Remix)