Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Math Head x 3

Math Head AKA Passions has been one of my favorite artists for quite some time now. No matter which name of those two names you choose to look at him under, he makes some crazy music. You may think to yourself hmmm Math Head being Passions is kind of like Drop The Lime being Curses!. Well I don't know exactly why they both choose to do it, but they are both on the brilliant Trouble & Bass label, and from what I've heard they're very good friends. But back to Math Head's music. It's pretty awesome wild music filled with pounding wobbling basslines. My excuse for finally posting on him was these three remixes he just released.

Take Me Up (Math Head Remix) - NROTB [Removed By Request] 

I also though I'd give you guys a few more of my favorite things from him. Here's my favorite original of his that was put out as a B-Side to his also brilliant single Turn the Music Up, which was released on Palms Out.

Get Hype - Math Head [Most Fancied]

Oh and don't you worry he's been remixed. There have been some really great ones, but today I choose out just my favorite two. One is one of those remix yourself type of things, which ended up working really well, and the other is just a good old fashion friend remixing friend. now I would have posted more Passions originals and remixes, but that would be a ridiculously huge post so I'll save those for another time. But enjoy these remixes.

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