Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've been loving The Black Ghosts (just like everyone else) for the last few months, and I was extremely excited when I saw RAC on the remix EP for Repetition Kills You. I bought the song and it's a great remix. But if you know RAC like me you would've expected that. He specializes in remixes (RAC = Remix Artist Collective) and he's really good. Really really good. He knows just what to do to each song, and it always sounds great. He and many other great remixes are featured on that Repetition Kills you EP so go buy those tracks and support some good music here. If you don't want to buy the entire thing I'd probably say get the RAC remix and the Laidback Luke remix. But really they're all great.

This Be Good remix is the first thing I ever heard from RAC, and it's a real treat. You'll like it no matter what, but it makes it even better to listen to the original first then compare so you really get all of what he did. After that I threw in a fun track he did for his Nintendo vs. Sega EP.


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