Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Because You Left

Today I bring you more from one of my favorite new artists Neo Tokyo. He is yet to make something that I have not really enjoyed, and he keeps that streak going with this latest original. The track is called "Because You Left" and uses his usual sound to create another work of art. The Game Boy-ish bleeps and bloops work perfectly next to the distorted synth. He has signed with Boxon Records who have been doing some pretty great stuff as of late, and I can't wait to see where this guy goes. 


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Break Dat House Out

I bring you the official "Show Me Love" video and and very nice tour trailer for our house friend Sebastian Ingrosso. Enjoy!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Kids Don't Stand A Chance

Any band that attracts remixers like DJ Mehdi, Benny Blanco, Crookers, and Treasure Fingers on only two songs has to be doing something right. The thing about Miike Snow is that they're not just any band. There up-beat electro/indy-pop is very quickly bringing them the attention that some bands only get after several CD's and tours. After a week or two of anonymity, Miike Snow let us know who they are and it turns out Pitchfork has taken an interest in these boys as well cause they wrote it up in one of there News In Brief sections. Check that out. Anyway, after a week or two of letting their quick success sink in they are back already with a remix! They seem to be able to do it all. Their remix of Vampire Weekend's "The Kid's Don't Stand A Chance" easily trumps the original as well as the Chromeo remix. Pitchfork said it well in their review of it, that there is a slight Postal Service feel, but I'd also say that that distorted part that shows up only twice probably reminds me of a slowed down Bloody Beetroots riff. 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweet 16 Mansion

No, I'm not talking about spoiled little girls throwing ridiculously extravagant parties in gigantic houses and then putting it on MTV, but don't worry I think I have something you'll like almost as much. For the latest amazing exclusive track to be released through the RCRD LBL website, Mansion remixed Thunderheist's latest track "Sweet 16". This is the first time I've heard Mansions skills to put to work on a track that falls mostly in to the hip-hop/electro genre. It has the usual elements of a Mansion remix (piano stabs, great drum work, etc.), but the fact that they were working with female hip-hop vocals was definitely interesting. I think it turned out great. Check it out.

Thunderheist's new album drops March 31st. Get ready. Oh almost forgot, there is also an Eli Escobar remix of the track up on RCRD LBL as well. Another sick remix.


Friday, February 20, 2009

What They're Doin'

We just got sent one of the most blog friendly remixes I have seen in a while if not ever. The track includes five of the most blogged artists of the last year or so in some form or another. There's the obvious four who are all on the original side of the track, and then our boys Villains giving the track what it deserves. Villains may have started as a fairly underground electro-duo, but due to great tracks/remixes and lots of blog love they were quickly boosted to the forefront of their scene. Now they are  being offered official remixes left and right and preparing to takeover the game. I can hardly wait. This is an official remix and I guarantee it will tear up any club of your choosing. Enjoy.

N.A.S.A.'s full length album "The Spirit Of Apollo" has finally been released after an extremely agonizing wait, and the wait was worth it. All 19 tracks are great down to the very last detail and feature some of the best artists around. Purchase it here.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

So-Me To The Rescue!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

These Boyz Are Crazy

The DiscoTech crew is back on Fancy Sounds with some new tracks they want to share with everyone. After their awesome Stones remix they tried going in that direction again with a remix of The Clash. No huge drops or changes to the original on this track, but subtle melodic basslines in the background add a little something to the track. Next in line for remix treatment is new mommy/beloved hipster icon turned mainstream success, M.I.A.. This remix is probably my favorite of what we have today, sticking more to their usual mentality. Lastly we have something that is unusual when we post on DiscoTech, an original! It's a cool track with a funny sample and overall I like it, but truthfully I think they could do better seeing what they've done with some of their remixes.


Monday, February 16, 2009

This is what you need

I have seriously been watching this video 25 times a day this whole weekend. It just gives me chills.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fancy Sounds Exclusive!

You heard it here first. Crookers are back and bigger than ever. They remixed a fucking U2 track. I must say i have been rather disappointed with Crookers lately but this remix is actually something special. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The moment I have been waiting for. A new Vitalic track! The track comes in at around 30 seconds and judging by this video it is massive. Will keep you guys posted on Vitalic news.

Back in Business

Sorry for the week long break and the faulty direct downloads. We are back and have decided to make our download links like they used to be and you will not be directed to that shitty 403 forbidden page again. Here is a new edit JFK (If you did not know he is half of MSTRKRFT). MSTRKRFT's full length album entitled Fist of God will be dropping March 17th and it is something we here at Fancy Sounds are very excited for. Enjoy!

Alexander Technique ft. Van Scott - Nightlovers (CCC/JFK Remix) (ALT)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Drunk

With pretty much every track he does I can hear the improvement in DJ Barletta's production. He is quickly turning in to one of the most consistent and professional producers right now. He has previously worked with Kid Cranberry, and now they've teamed up again for their new track "Get Drunk". It's a fun track with a great beat and some clever rhymes. You get what you'd expect here from these two, and there's nothing wrong with that.


Mad Decent Remix

The Bacardi B-Live project has really grown and continues to grow with new ideas and tracks coming very fast. They've already worked with some great artists, but lately they have been working with Groove Armada to bring the fans (you guys) a full EP as well as several remixes. To find out more about the EP and the whole project, hit up the B-Live Share site, but to get you pumped up check out this bumping Mad Decent remix.

I've also been listening to this Mad Decent remix on repeat. It's been around for a while, but I really just noticed it the other day. It's brilliantly disturbing.


Golden Traxe

Prepare yourselves. This album might be one of the most creative and innovative electronic albums I have heard in a while. I recently got a copy to the whole thing and after one listen I realized that this might be one of my favorite electronic in past couple years if not ever. All of you are obligated to go and get this album the second it comes out. Trust me you will not forget it. Record comes out February 23rd!


01. Poke
02. Soap
03. Infinite Lies
04. Walker
05. Golden Traxe
06. Landlines
07. Drivetime
08. What is Natural
09. Loader
10. Be Happy
11. Lower Left
12. The Bad Thing
13. This is This

Shadow Dancer - Infinite Lies (ALT)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


A few months back Dan Sena did an unofficial remix of "Haus Of Cards" that was one of my lucky finds that month, and I really enjoyed it. Since then I've looked forward to hearing more from him, but haven't until today. His new track is called "Italofuker (BB Drop 3:16)". The BB Drop part is dedicated to the masked men themselves, The Bloody Beetroots. The track is fun and bouncy with some nice little guitar riffs that go well with the raw electro sound. I'm rally looking forward to hearing more from Dan Sena.

Meddle All-Stars Remix

Chewed up and spit back out by some of the best around. The vocals from Goldielocks are surprisingly fitting for the track, and the bassline and beat from AC Slater and DJ Skeet Skeet are as dirty, deep, and wobbly as ever. You gotta check this one out.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dirty Disco Youth + Crookers

Sometimes when a highly anticipated track comes out, and isn't quite what it should be you really just have to wait for the remixes. I'm gonna go ahead and say that about Crookers' "What Up Y'all". The original was fine, just nothing special, especially knowing what Crookers are capable of. However Dirty Disco Youth saw this and decided to do something about it. Dirty Disco Youth + Crookers! I didn't even have to listen to know it was great, but I did. Over and over and over. It's as good as expected. Their sounds clashed perfectly as expected, and Dirty Disco Youth melted this track in to a whole new bouncy electro tune that will have you dancing all over the place. Enjoy.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NES Superstar

Makes me want to whip out the 64.

Hell's Angst

"The Angst" is set to be the first single off of DJ Hell's upcoming album Teufelswerk. If you're not already excited about the album, check this out and think again:
Teufelswerk – the German for “Devil’s Work” – is Hell’s masterpiece. Across 16 exquisite tracks divided into two themes, “Night” and “Day”, Hell weaves an intoxicating spell. Celestial vocals cascade around an acoustic guitar figure as a motorik rhythm propels it ever skywards, sharing space, spiritually at least, with Kraftwerk, and Can.
DJ Hell - The Angst Pt. 1


Monday, February 2, 2009

Hold On

D.I.M. remixes have become a slight rarity in the last year or so, which has probably allowed a lot of people (myself included) to forget just how good they are. This latest remix of his started showing up about a month ago, but only in the form of low quality set rips. Very recently however, the Boys Noize Records Blog let a high quality version of the remix see the light of day. As expected when two huge names clash for a remix it is brilliant, but unlike usual D.I.M. style it is not very hard. Won't be called a banger, but still a classic in it's own right. Next up for D.I.M. is a remix of  Depeche Mode done with Boys Noize. Can't wait for that.

At the moment D.I.M. is touring Australia so be sure to go see him if you live over there and get the chance. After that he and Boys Noize head over here to L.A. for the next Hard event. I plan to attend and anyone reading this in the L.A. area should too.