Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweet 16 Mansion

No, I'm not talking about spoiled little girls throwing ridiculously extravagant parties in gigantic houses and then putting it on MTV, but don't worry I think I have something you'll like almost as much. For the latest amazing exclusive track to be released through the RCRD LBL website, Mansion remixed Thunderheist's latest track "Sweet 16". This is the first time I've heard Mansions skills to put to work on a track that falls mostly in to the hip-hop/electro genre. It has the usual elements of a Mansion remix (piano stabs, great drum work, etc.), but the fact that they were working with female hip-hop vocals was definitely interesting. I think it turned out great. Check it out.

Thunderheist's new album drops March 31st. Get ready. Oh almost forgot, there is also an Eli Escobar remix of the track up on RCRD LBL as well. Another sick remix.


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