Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BUL!M!ATRON! Remix Contest

For those of you who don't know BUL!M!ATRON!, he's an L.A. DJ/artist. Until now I have only known him for his fun BUL!M!X's, but now he's putting out an original by the name of "Stab Attack". We've been talking with him, and he's been telling us about the remix contest he's having for the song, so we thought we'd tell you. Basically all you gotta do is download the parts (posted below), put your spin on it, and send it over to BUL!M!ATRON! on either his myspace or dropbox. Get going!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Most Fancied Of 2008


Image Hosted by
10. Crystal Castles - Self Titled (Buy)

Image Hosted by
9. Hercules and Love Affair - Self Titled (Buy)

Image Hosted by
8. Hot Chip - Made In The Dark (Buy)

Image Hosted by
7. Mr. Oizo - Lambs Anger (Buy)

Image Hosted by
6. Flying Lotus - Los Angeles (Buy)

Image Hosted by
5. Fleet Foxes - Self Titled (Buy)

Image Hosted by
4. TV On The Radio - Dear Science (Buy)

Image Hosted by
3. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular (Buy)

Image Hosted by
2. Sebastien Tellier - Sexuality (Buy)

Image Hosted by
1. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours (Buy)


10. AC Slater (Myspace)
9. Lifelike (Myspace)
8. Designer Drugs (Myspace)
7. Aeroplane (Myspace)
6. The Count & Sinden/Hervé (Myspace)
5. Laidback Luke (Myspace)
4. Duke Dumont (Myspace)
3. Boys Noize (Myspace)
2. Soulwax (Myspace)
1. Fake Blood (Myspace)


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah!

All the contributers here at Fancy Sounds wish you all a merry christmas/haukkah and a very happy holidays! We greatly appreciate you all as readers to our blog and we wouldn't be here without you! Seasons Greetings! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Shiny Christmas Present From Boys Noize Records

The guys over at Boys Noize Records are always posting cool stuff on their blog. This time they put a little holiday present up their for all to download. I'm not sure if this remix was meant to go on the "Oi Oi Oi" remix album or what, but it went unreleased and instead has been released now for free to make us all just a little bit cheerier. 


Project Bassline - Drop the Pressure (Jack Beats Remix) [Removed by Request]

Monday, December 22, 2008

King of Rave

If you read our interview with Le Castle Vania from a little while ago you might have seen that he spoke of some new remixes coming up. One that he mentioned was a remix for Fukkk Offf. Well he just sent it over, and it is brilliant. I have no idea why it wasn't on the official remix EP (that we posted about here), but it would've made that EP even better. Le Castle Vania hands his usual hard hitting, roaring sound to the song and it just makes it even more intense than the original. Good stuff.


Don Rimini's The Star Model

I've really gotten into Don Rimini lately, especially after I opened for him at the Roxy a few weeks ago. There isn't one song by him that doesn't make me want to dance. Not only is he great in the studio, but he's also a fabulous DJ. Here's his latest remix which I believe just came out today or yesterday, of Star Model by Numéro#. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed with this remix. Just to add in, this remix was released on an anthology of b-sides and remixes by Numbéro#. On the anthology are various remixes by 80 Kidz, Nu Ravers On The Block, Hundreds and Thousands, Le Matos, MissOddKidd, and many others. A great thanks to Fluo kids for posting the anthology which can be found here

Sunday, December 21, 2008


A nice little X-Mas present from Designer Drugs to all their fans. 


The Counts of Monte Cristal's Doing Change

This morning I stumbled across a new remix by The Count of Monte Cristal (aka Hervé). The remix is of a song named Change by Daniel Merriweather and Wale, two artists whom I'm pretty fond of. Hervé has been bringing us lots and lots of great music during the last few months under each of his different alias's, I'm sure he'll keep it up. Check the song out and happy holidays to all you readers!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flosstradamus' First Original!

I remember the moment when I first heard one of their mash-ups and/or remixes and thought "Damn! This is fresh. Who made this?" Since that moment Flosstradamus has been an artist I've followed very very closely, always looking for new stuff. They haven't done much the last few months, but not they've released their first ever original production! It features Caroline Polachek of the band Chairlift, who you my know from the latest ipod nano commercial. The song is a little bot softer/synthier than I would have expected, but it's still a great song. I would even go as far as to say that for the first 30 seconds I thought I was listening to a Postal Service song! 



If your read my last post on Bandit you know that he is basically my favorite up and coming artist that I've discovered in the last year or so. His sound is excellent, and he executes it perfectly. His songs are loud, playful, and powerful all at the same time. I really can't speak highly enough of him because there is not one song by him I've heard that I haven't at least liked. The only negative thing I could possibly say is I'm starting to notice that some of his songs sound pretty similar, but the tracks are too good for that too really bug me.


LAZRtag + Bonde Do Role = One Hell of a Song

LAZRtag just released their new remix of Bonde Do Role's hit "Solta O Frango." I can't believe this song is still getting remixes considering it came out quite some time ago, but this is by far one of my favorite remixes LAZRtag's released, and one of the best remixes I've heard of this song in general. All I can say is I really liked this remix and I'm sure you will too.

Erol Alkan's Simple, Yet Effective Edit Of SebastiAn

Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling some of the edits Erol Alkan's been putting out lately, however I'm really feeling this remix he did for SebastiAn's "Momy." Erol Alkan adds his "simple, yet effective" sound which can be heard in all his edits. He gave this song just what it needed. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

1st Giveaway Contest Ever: Popular Computer

So we've done the whole blog thing for quite a while now, and we started doing interviews a little while ago, but now we're doing our first giveaway! You guys all have a chance to win some great prizes from Popular Computer. Maybe an album, or a T-shirt, or some stickers, or maybe all of those. All you have to do is be one of the first 3 people to answer this question correctly. In which town did Popular Computer play his first ever live show? Just send your answer to us at and you'l have a chance at winning some great prizes.  Thanks and enjoy!

Trump This

Hun, being the intro track for Mr. Oizo's new album was calm, funny, and a nice start to a great album, but when Trumpdisco was done with it it became a beast of an electronic song. Although they haven't done too much yet this is probably my favorite so far. They're definitely quickly on their way to becoming one of my favorite artists. 


Luke Fly Walker

There's no really efficient way of counting, but I'd be willing to bet that DJ Barletta is our most blogged about artist at this point. He's always got something new for us to sink our teeth in to, and I just can never resist posting it. I just recently found about this track he did with Kid Cranberry called "Flywalker". They made the track before he was with Van Helder as Mansion so I don't know why it's only getting out now, but it's a really tight, fun track. People often say Barletta tends to sound similar to Crookers and I'm kinda on and off with agreeing on that. Sometimes I see it sometimes I don't, but on this track I definitely get it. 


At Last. . . CORNELIUS!

Let me just say when I saw the video clip Dim Mak and the Bloody Beetroots put out for this newly released EP, I flipped out. The Bloody Beetroots have lately been bringing nothing but heavy electro music. Whether its their originals, remixes or live shows the Bloody Beetroots continue to impress me. Cornelius is definitely one of the heaviest songs they've put out for a while and you'll definitely find it on my most fancied this month. You can check out the EP on iTunes. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something To Make You Shake It

Hostage and AC Slater come together for an epic clash of huge basslines and intense beats. Both of these men are masters of heavy fidget/electro, and I've been wondering what a clash of their sounds may sound like. The remix is slightly slow for either of them, but it's certainly not missing out on the crazy basslines they both provide on all their efforts. The piano reminds me somewhat of "Baggy Bottom Boys". Loved 'em in that song, ad love 'em again here. Listen to this one loud.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


RCRD LBL just seems to always be giving out some great mp3 or another. You can often find the biggest artists of the moment giving away their freshest track on RCRD LBL. This time The Count of Monte Cristal AKA Hervé gives N.A.S.A.'s "Money" a tweak. You find me a Hervé remix that doesn't make you want to jump around and I will... I'll... I'll be very very surprised. This one of course is no different. Hervé knows how to remix. It's as simple as that.

On a related note... I never posted this one just cause I was too lazy pretty much, but now that I'm on the topic anyway, here you go!


I Got Friends in High Places

I have friends right now who are producing some hot shit. My friend Shane Silver who I put up his remix of focker which was fucking nuts has been producing some really housy shit recently and I have to say it is ace. He sent me one of his new originals called "Crab Nebula" which sounds like what a three way with between Dubfire, Style of Eye, and Patrice Baumel would be like. The track is insanely hot. Next I have a new track of my friend Sam Horn who did a remix of Kid Dub's "Tetris" which blew the Tocadisco remix to pieces. I have dropped that remix in a number of sets and it is just massive. I also have a new original of his, "Crypto," which is much more housy and toned down but still has a super strong energy. If I heard Tiga play this I would not be surprised because this track is fucking sick. Also I have finished a new acid house inspired track called "Acid State of Mind" which pays homage to my acid influences and the great track my Maurice, "This is Acid." I know you will enjoy these tracks as much as I did.

Jake Simon - Acid State of Mind (ALT)

Shane Silver - Crab Nebula (ALT)

Sam Horn - Crypto (ALT)

My Style Is 2 Legit

We don't show love to too many rappers on this blog, but someone you may have seen is Hollywood Holt. His new single hit iTunes (and other official music retailers) a few days ago, and it's pretty dope. The single as I saw it did not feature any remixes on it officially, but a few have sprouted up and I found two I thought really did the track justice. I gotta give props to Sammy Bananas; he's probably the most fun remixer out there at the moment. His stuff isn't always the most complex intense electro-bass stuff, but it always makes you wanna dance and have a good time. The second remix comes from Willy Joy who I know absolutely nothing of, but the remix is pretty chill.

My, my style is 2 legit. My, my style is 2 legit. Damn that's gonna be stuck in my head for days.


NONEWYORK - Cocaine Bassline (Hits Beatport Jan. 21)

Jack Yo Body

Nice bouncy, fun track. Could see people really digging this one on the dancefloor. Teen Wolf's vocals work very nicely.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wheres Your Bape At?

Teriyaki Boys doing a rap over Lava Lava? This is a crazy world we live in.


You love Fake Blood. You have every song/remix by him, but it's just not enough! You must have more. Well as you may know Fake Blood is AKA DJ Touché so I thought since everyone loves him oh so much why not look in to some of his stuff as Touché. It's not too easy to find stuff by Touché, but I managed to find a good number of really cool songs. They all have  similar sound to his Fake Blood stuff, and you can definitely tell their both from the same person. I've found myself listening to both "Calling My Name" and the "Dance I Said" remix over and over. Both are absolutely brilliant, and the other 2 tracks up there are quite good as well. If you like Fake Blood, The Black Ghosts, The Wiseguys, or just awesome electro-bangers in general I highly advise you to listen to these tracks.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Peter Bjorn & John

I really really enjoyed Peter Bjorn & John's "Writer's Block", and I had heard they had been finishing up their new album recently. That's now been confirmed for my because we just got this video sent to us of one of their new songs. It's a really excellent song. If the rest of the album is like this song it should be really great (maybe even better than Writer's Block!). It's also just a really cool video... skillful dancing + slightly creepy masks + great tune = all around awesome video.

This video made me think of the handful of great "Young Folks" remixes that came out when it was the biggest hit in the world, and I went to check if I had missed any. Disappointed in myself for not finding this one sooner, but just happy I found it eventually...

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Dskotek Remixes

I'm sure you've seen their remixes on here before if you check our blog even somewhat regularly. They usually can be found as a bonus, but since Dskotek has consistently made such sick remixes, and they just gave us some brand new shit we wanted to give him the real deal! Haha. Anyway they just sent over two brand spankin' new remixes, one of "Bounce", and the other of up and comers Mom & Dad. Both are Dskotek's usual bangers. I know, I know, another "Bounce" remix. You already have so many good ones. What's the point? Well first of all the more the merrier. Second of all this one is quite good. I don't know about the best or anything... but it's pretty fun. Probably not quite as crazy as I would have expected from them actually, but overall it's a really cool remix. The Mom & Dad remix is also really bouncy and fun with some tight vocals.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

(Re)rub Those Kidzz

I enjoyed the original of this song a good amount, but I've got to say this remix really takes it to another level. Skyve Reuter decided to take advantage of the cool underlying dark/deep vocals from the original and really used them well. They go great with Skyve Reuters nice electro sound. I would say both sides of this song (remixer and remixed) are artists to watch out for in 2009. 


Ba Ba Beautiful

Image Hosted by
Owl Vision contacted us through myspace a few days ago to see if we wanted to check out his latest remix. At the point I had heard his name once or twice more, but didn't know much of him at all. Checked his myspace and though he seemed tight so I said we'd love to hear the remix. Still didn't know exactly what to expect so you can imagine my delightful surprise when I heard this beast of a remix banging through my speakers. I was intrigued to hear the original song as well so I went to Miss Li's myspace, and you really should go check that out to see what a great job he did. It's basically an original track with a little sample. He really made it his own song, and did it a great job at that.


Higher State of Consciousness

Lately remaking or remixing classic electro/house tracks has been all the rage. If you've been enjoying this trend as much as I have you're probably really gonna like this. South Central decided to do a remake of Josh Wink's classic "Higher State of Consciousness". It's pretty brilliant. I always enjoy South Centrals music, both original or remix, but this one stands out. They really give their fresh rough sound to an old classic, and it works perfectly. South Central have really been doing there thing for a while now, and I see no reason why things wouldn't just get better and better for them.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Jacks Beats Remix/Blog Appreciation

The next world wonder has been found. Listen now and experience Jack Beats' towering, pounding, mind-bending basslines! Ok that was a little lame, but I just had to emphasize the fact that these guys make the fattest, wobbliest, best basslines around. You've heard it in all their other remixes, and now you'll hear it in this one. Straight fire.


Blog Appreciation: Every once in a while I like to remind our readers that we aren't always the first to find the things we post. The Jack Beats remix was originally posted on Discodust, and the bonus came from Mass Hyperbole. To find other awesome blogs check out our blogroll.

Rave Is King

Fukkf Offf is a name that at first may repel you away from checking them out, but once you hear there music you will be pulled in and realize giving them a chance was an excellent idea. Best one you've had all day. If you know Fukkk Offf already I'm sure you know there single "Rave Is King" that has gotten sooo much buzz over the last few months. It's an awesome banger of a single, and now it's got some awesome remixes to go along. They did a great job finding cool remixers too. I've had my eye on NROTB for quite some time now, but my interest picked up even more once i heard there "B4U" remix. I was really glad to see them on this remix EP. Before now I had never really given Zodiac Cartel a chance, but I think I'll have to start checking them out after hearing this remix. The last remix is by Midfield General who you probably know for their "Disco Sirens" single that dropped a few months ago. All 3 are great remixes that make for an EP that really pack a punch.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taken Away Remix Contest Is Over

Congratulations to ULTRNX on winning Digitalism's remix contest. There seemed to have been an overwhelming amount of entries, and I can only imagine the trouble Digitalism went through finding the one they liked best. 


Monday, December 8, 2008

Senso Data

After several standout official remixes for artists such as Mylo, New Young Pony Club, Mindnight Juggernauts, and Shinichi Osawa; Popular Computer has finally released his own full length album entitled "Senso Data". It is an album full of his classic soft-electro sound, and every track is great. As a whole the album is a really great piece of music I really encourage you to purchase it, either at beatport or on iTunes (don't think it's available in the U.S. yet). His label even sent over a track so you guys could get a little taste.


Evil Nine Remixed

These guys really attract some good remixers! Having already released an amazing remix EP for their first single off their new album "They Live!", they are back with another remix EP. This time the superstar remix comes from Alex Metric who has been one of my favorite remixers/producers for quite some time now. Really nice remix. Also jumping on the remix wagon is Felix Cartal. He decided to take a stab at "They Live!". Most people are gonna say he's a little late to the party, but hey, a good remix is a good remix. Add it to the list.


Galactic Beach House

Usually really enjoy their remixes, but this one fell a bit short...

It's too bad... having them remix Maroon 5 sounded like such a cool idea.

Any Way You Want It (That's The Way Telemitry Makes It)

We've posted on Telemitry a few times before, but recently he hasn't been releasing very much at all. I was happy to see, however, that he just sent over a new remix as well as an explanation for why we've been missing out on new remixes from him. He says that he has been working on some official remixes, which should start popping up soon, and so didn't have tons of time to throw out fun little remixes like this new one. This time he takes Journey's classic "Any Way You Want It" and puts a nice disco/electro spin on it. Pretty cool. Check it out and keep your eyes open for those official remixes that should be coming.


Bass Live EP

Barletta's back  with some fresh solo joints. He decided to this new EP away free. It's full of his crazy fidget/synth sound, and has several great remixes all from Canada. That's some serious support for the homeland. The original is a great track, and so is the B-side. I'm also posting the TMDP remix because that's my favorite of the remixes. The whole EP is really sick so go find the rest if you like what you hear.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ma Disconica

I Just found this video of one of my new favorite artists from France, Nil. This video shows Nil remixing his track, "Ma Disconica" with the truly fantastic monome. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Music Sounds Better with Dirty Disco Youth

Fresh out of that Dirty Disco oven and straight in to our inbox, here are some new remixes from one of our favorite up-and-comers, Dirty Disco Youth. The first is his take on "Rombo". I would usually find it very very hard to believe that anyone could take a Bloody Beetroots song and make it heavier, but Dirty Disco Youth may have done just that. Great edit of this already booming, soon to be classic. Speaking of classics, his other remix was of "Music Sounds Better With You". Sure it's been remixed to death, but it's the type of song that can handle it. Really digging the piano part in this remix. Overall, I'm really digging both of these so check 'em out. He also just released his first original EP, "Bleep", which can be found on iTunes. It's full of crazy bangers.


Ohow? Do You Do It Don Rimini?

He's back. This time his press team sent over his first music video. It's for his song "Ohow", which was the sick intro/banger on his latest EP. Very cool video. That is him standing there about 20 seconds in in case you've been wondering what he looks like.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Interview With Tyler From Classixx

This time we got a chance to chat with Tyler, 1/2 of the rising superstars Classixx. I'm sure most of you have heard at least a few of there well crafted, funky tracks. They've been all over magazines, top friends lists, and blogs for quite some time now so unless you've been living a rock you really have no excuse for not having checked them out. Well if you really haven't then check them out now, and read this interview to find out a little more about them.

Thanks so much for the interview! Ready to get started?

Sure let's do it.

Alright so would you start off by telling us your name, and Classixx other members name?

I'm Tyler Blake and the other half of Classixx is Michael David

How and when did you guys meet?

We went to the same middle school, actually. It was a small school so all the kids who played in bands knew each other pretty well.

You guys used to go by the name Young Americans. Wanna explain what happened to that?

Yeah... basically this song and dance collective that was also called Young Americans sued us. We could have either gone to court with them at the risk of losing tons of money we don't have or change our name. So we just changed it. It was definitely a drag for a while but at this point it's just kind of funny.

Ya. Once you guys were rid of that name how did that name Classixx come about?

We've always been in to the kind of tracks that have gone on compilations with names like "Disco Classics", "House Classics", "Minimal Classics", etc. We just want to make tracks like that. Then we decided to spell classics wit 2 x's because it looked pleasing and makes us easier to google.

What kind of music did you guys grow up listening too and do you think that still influences you today?

Everything form Paul Simon to Kraftwerk to Talking Heads. Lots of old R&B too. Most of the stuff I have ever liked I still like. So I think all of it still influences us in lots of ways.

When did you first start making music?

As long as I can remember really... my family always had a piano in the house and as soon as I was big enough to get up on the bench I started playing with that. Mike was the same with the guitar I think. In middle school when we started playing in bands... I think that's when we first really started dreaming of doing it for a living.

How would you describe the music you make today?

We have been working on all kinds of stuff. Right now we are finishing up a few tracks that are basically disco tracks driven by vocals, but we are also working on instrumental stuff. Some of the stuff is meant for the club, other stuff is meant to be able to listen to in your car. Some it is deep, some if it is lighter.

So you guys are based in Los Angeles. How do you feel about the electronic music scene here?

Oh it's amazing. All of us have become friends. We just started a collective called No Culture. Our friends Guns N Bombs, Acid Girls, and Royal Rumble are all part of it. We all push each other to be better DJs and producers.

Oh very cool. Any chance of some DJ shows with that collective in the future? I just got a chance to see Guns N Bombs live for the first time, and they were excellent. I'd love to have a good reason to see them again soon!

Definitely. We just secured a residency at the echo. We will all be rotating residents. We will also be in charge of all the booking. We are also working on getting a warehouse space to throw regular after hours parties at. We're really excited about it.

Awesome. What do you use to make your music, and what do you use to DJ?

We use Pro Tools and a bunch of analog synths and soft synths for production. We also record a lot of live instruments like guitars and drums. We DJ with Serato Scratch Live or CDJ's.

When you are DJing do you just know intuitively which songs to drop based on the crowd or does it take you guys a little bit to figure out what they like?

We try to feel em out. Like if it's a small room we aren't gonna play big room tracks. They're called big room tracks for a reason. Just stuff like that. Usually we are pretty good at figuring out what will work. Sometimes there are crowds that will go nuts to anything and other times there are crowds that won't dance to "Show Me Love".

Ahhh who could not dance to Show Me Love! Ridiculous. Haha. Anyway, do you guys have one song or maybe a few songs that you love, play often, and know will get the party banging?

Yeah definitely. Like I usually play I Found You by Axwell or anything by Prydz. That stuff makes shit go off. We've got some secret weapons as well. Haha.

Is there one city you really like to play more than other cities?

It's funny but we really love playing Salt Like City, Utah. We've got a bunch of friends there now and have played there a bunch of times and each time it goes off harder. I always look forward to those dates when they are on our calendar.

So take us through a day in the life of the Classixx boys.

We usually try to wake up each day at a reasonable hour. Work on music. Lunch. Work on music. Dinner. Just like a normal job really. We also try to respond to everyone that's hit us up on myspace each day. Feels like a full time job. Either that or we are touring.

Wanna give us a few upcoming artists to watch out for?

Yeah. All our No Culture friends. Also, Tie Dye is amazing. Beni from Australia. I'm excited for new stuff from Yacht, Holy Ghost, and Aeroplane.

And how about some of your favorite tracks at the moment?

We did a mix recently for Fluokids of some of our favorite tracks. There is this vocal house track called "It's My Pleasure". It's the Paul Rincon remix. If you drop that at the right time in the right setting it's stupendous. I also really like Yuksek's new track "I Like To Play".

Any big tours coming up for you guys?

Right now we have a few dates in South Africa and then a big New Years Eve gig here in Los Angeles. After that we've got some scattered dates between working on our EP.

What's in the future for you guys? Remixes, originals, maybe an album eventually?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Aha. We are taking our time just getting everything right. There has been interest in some different labels and things like that, but nothing is set in stone yet. We recently finished remixes for Guns N Bombs and Beni (both on Kitsune). Those should be out soon. We are pretty happy with them.

Any Last words?

How about Classixx love Fancy Sounds! Haha.

Alright! Thanks again.

So there you have it. Here's the good stuff.

Make sure to hit up Classixx myspace.


The American Dream Team (TADT for short) hit us up with some new stuff recently. First of all there' that sick ass video you see right above this text. Really cool visuals and some nice live footage. What more could you ask for? They also sent over the latest installment in there "What Dreams Are Made Of" Mixtape series. There mixes are always of the highest quality, and I really encourage you to check it out. Also hit up their myspace if you want the tracklist.

I decided I'd also include my favorite track of theirs. Just try not getting those vocals stuck in your head. I dare you!