Saturday, December 20, 2008

Erol Alkan's Simple, Yet Effective Edit Of SebastiAn

Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling some of the edits Erol Alkan's been putting out lately, however I'm really feeling this remix he did for SebastiAn's "Momy." Erol Alkan adds his "simple, yet effective" sound which can be heard in all his edits. He gave this song just what it needed. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Erol Alkan's Simple, Yet Effective Edit Of SebastiAn”

Joseph said...

nothing more than in the original

Donny Berretta said...

Erol Alkan does not deserve to attach his name this to this banger by SebastiAn.

This is an example of weak self promotion if you ask me.

Doing a half-assed remix of a popular track and getting some blog love seems to be the easiest way to hype up your short lived internet career.

Donny B


Frequency Jones

Noj said...

Damn, way to ruin a SebastiAn song.