Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Got Friends in High Places

I have friends right now who are producing some hot shit. My friend Shane Silver who I put up his remix of focker which was fucking nuts has been producing some really housy shit recently and I have to say it is ace. He sent me one of his new originals called "Crab Nebula" which sounds like what a three way with between Dubfire, Style of Eye, and Patrice Baumel would be like. The track is insanely hot. Next I have a new track of my friend Sam Horn who did a remix of Kid Dub's "Tetris" which blew the Tocadisco remix to pieces. I have dropped that remix in a number of sets and it is just massive. I also have a new original of his, "Crypto," which is much more housy and toned down but still has a super strong energy. If I heard Tiga play this I would not be surprised because this track is fucking sick. Also I have finished a new acid house inspired track called "Acid State of Mind" which pays homage to my acid influences and the great track my Maurice, "This is Acid." I know you will enjoy these tracks as much as I did.

Jake Simon - Acid State of Mind (ALT)

Shane Silver - Crab Nebula (ALT)

Sam Horn - Crypto (ALT)

One response to “I Got Friends in High Places”

zr0themanwhocan said...

Seriously insane crab nebula track! The only point which i dont like is the drop.. after that awesome melody! Where can I find shane silver!!