Thursday, December 18, 2008

Luke Fly Walker

There's no really efficient way of counting, but I'd be willing to bet that DJ Barletta is our most blogged about artist at this point. He's always got something new for us to sink our teeth in to, and I just can never resist posting it. I just recently found about this track he did with Kid Cranberry called "Flywalker". They made the track before he was with Van Helder as Mansion so I don't know why it's only getting out now, but it's a really tight, fun track. People often say Barletta tends to sound similar to Crookers and I'm kinda on and off with agreeing on that. Sometimes I see it sometimes I don't, but on this track I definitely get it. 


One response to “Luke Fly Walker”

LesserKnown said...

who is doing these illustrations? pls tell us.