Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Style Is 2 Legit

We don't show love to too many rappers on this blog, but someone you may have seen is Hollywood Holt. His new single hit iTunes (and other official music retailers) a few days ago, and it's pretty dope. The single as I saw it did not feature any remixes on it officially, but a few have sprouted up and I found two I thought really did the track justice. I gotta give props to Sammy Bananas; he's probably the most fun remixer out there at the moment. His stuff isn't always the most complex intense electro-bass stuff, but it always makes you wanna dance and have a good time. The second remix comes from Willy Joy who I know absolutely nothing of, but the remix is pretty chill.

My, my style is 2 legit. My, my style is 2 legit. Damn that's gonna be stuck in my head for days.


NONEWYORK - Cocaine Bassline (Hits Beatport Jan. 21)

One response to “My Style Is 2 Legit”

Toxik Kargoll said...

cool stuff, thanks. had to steal it