Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rave Is King

Fukkf Offf is a name that at first may repel you away from checking them out, but once you hear there music you will be pulled in and realize giving them a chance was an excellent idea. Best one you've had all day. If you know Fukkk Offf already I'm sure you know there single "Rave Is King" that has gotten sooo much buzz over the last few months. It's an awesome banger of a single, and now it's got some awesome remixes to go along. They did a great job finding cool remixers too. I've had my eye on NROTB for quite some time now, but my interest picked up even more once i heard there "B4U" remix. I was really glad to see them on this remix EP. Before now I had never really given Zodiac Cartel a chance, but I think I'll have to start checking them out after hearing this remix. The last remix is by Midfield General who you probably know for their "Disco Sirens" single that dropped a few months ago. All 3 are great remixes that make for an EP that really pack a punch.


2 Responses to “Rave Is King”

JeremyWatsup said...

These Fukkk Of songs are nice, but come on, tell me more about this Don Diablo track. That's just freaking hot, holy shit!

Z said...

Hahaha man you're right. That track is insane. We like to do it that way though. We had never posted a track by him before so we like to see the response to his track(s) before we really get posting on him. Glad to know you like the track