Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just a Band

I hope everyone is familiar with Just a Band because they put out some serious bangers. The French electro outfit just put out a new EP, "To Hell With Gravity" and I must say it is wonderful. The Ep also has an excellent StereoHeroes remix. I hope I get to hear this Ep played out because it just doesn't cut it on shitty laptop speakers. As a bonus I am also posting a brand new Jack Beats remix of Patrick Wolf.

Just a Band - To Hell With Gravity (ALT)

Patrick Wolf - Hard Times (Jack Beats Remix) (ALT)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hey guys, here is a nice oldie to brighten your day. This is quite the all star track. A Daft Punk Remix of The Chemical Brothers!!! I don't understand how this remix was forgotten. This is a true gem that somehow fell from the spotlight but I am going to bring it back! Also I am gonna give you guys the b-side to Sedat's "Turkish Avenger" EP which was released on the legendary Crydamoure label.

The Chemical Brothers - Life is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix) (ALT)

Sedat - Feel Inside (ALT)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Parachute Ending

Hey guys, this is the preview video for Birdy Nam Nam's "The Parachute Ending" produced by Justice. The video is done by the one and only Tim Sweeney. Also please excuse our layout as we are currently remodeling the blog.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heads Will Roll

I wasn't a huge fan of the latest Yeah Yeah Yeah's album (not that I really gave it a chance), but I guess DAN OH was. He just remixed one of their new tracks called "Heads Will Roll". I've been really pleasantly surprised with his last few remixes. It's almost shocking how quickly he went from the average blog artist to a full blown professional producer. He adds a vibe to this track that would fit any dance floor. DJ Barletta and Ernold Sane have also teamed up again to bring us a Re-Edit of this Re-Mix. It's just a glitchier, quicker version of the actual remix, but it does it's thing. Check out both.


The Girl, the Robot, and Ocelot

They never seem to let me down. Ocelot recently remixed "The Girl and The Robot" by Royksopp. I really enjoy this track and hope that you guys do to! Keep on the lookout for upcoming Ocelot remixes!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If I Was Wonderman

What would you do if you were Wonderman. I am not really sure if Wonderman is he male version of Wonderwoman but if it is that I think Bobmo is the Wonderman. Bobmo delivers us with a new remix of Hey Today's "Wonderman." The track itself is a gem but this remix is something special. I am sure you guys will hear this being played out.

Hey Today! - If I Was Wonderman (Bobmo Remix) (ALT)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Fckn Tracks

I've got several great tracks for you all today. A few of these might be old news to some of you since I waited on them a little too long, but I'm hoping they'll be pretty fresh to most of you. Mostly remixes here, one original, all good. Lots of bass today.

From the first second of Fckn Crew's "Booh", they really mean business. If you're not immediately thrown out of your seat by the distorted bass starting at 0:01 then get ready for the drop around 2 minutes in. That should get you going. In a very Oizo-esque style, they put some talking frenchmen/women over the track. Solid banger here with enough power for any club.

Lights Over LA are coming at us with two brand new remixes. On their "Push And Rise" edit they took Wolfgang Gartner's original banger and added a little melody and feeling to it that make it easier to really get into the track. "Bounce" has been remixed to death, but when a good one comes along why not share it? This remix isn't anything to original or creative, but it's got a nice fast paced bassline, and makes good use of the vocals. There's a huge build-up that takes up nearly half the track (it's a kind of short track anyway), and drops right back into that nice dancey bass. 

It's been a little while since we last featured Daze Of Thunder, but not they're back with a fresh remix of an older track that brings a whole new life to it. The Toxic Avenger hasn't been on my radar too much in the past few months, but all the way up until his Bad Girls Need Love To EP he was one of my favorite artists. Daze Of Thunder breathe new life into this track by chopping up the original, and adding a massive grinding bassline. You might even notice the Easy Love type cowbell that shows up throughout the second half of the track.

Clockwork is quickly climbing the ranks of blog artists with his remixes. He sent over his new remix of The Prodigy, and I was actually mad at myself for underestimating this boy. This remix is seriously professional! He reworks the track into his own while keeping the original intact more than enough to keep fans of The Prodigy happy. This is definitely his best work yet. I'm excited for more.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Classixx feat. Jeppe - I'll Get You

Not A Band?

They call themselves I'm Not A Band, but don't take that too seriously. They are most certainly a band, and a very good one at that. I'm Not A Band create a blend of alternative/indy-rock melted seamlessly with electro. As if they weren't interesting enough already, many of their tracks include violin, which adds a little extra flavor to their already tasty tracks. "Trainthoughts" is a beautiful song that I can only describe as a cross between Peter Bjorn and John, and Crystal Castles. "Electrolin" sounds like something Simian Mobile Disco might make, but it definitely has its own style. The track manages to mix distorted bass with an array of softer beautiful instruments, including violin! Last, but not least is a remix of MEN's "Off Our Backs". This track provides a new sound once again. This time it's a bouncier upbeat electro-pop song with hints of harder electro as well as, once again, violin! All 3 of these tracks are very creative, interesting, and simply great.


Lisztomania (Yuksek Remix)

What do you get when you cross Phoenix and Yuksek? Phuksex? No, but you get a really tight remix. Yuksek has recently remixed "Lisztomania" by Phoenix. Its nothing to special, but I am a big fan of both, so I try to enjoy any remix of Phoenix that I can get my hands on. I'll be looking forward to future Phoenix remixes. Give it a listen!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Need Your Loving

What do you get when you have a track with Laidback Luke, The Korgis and Felix Cartal. I would say a sonic orgasm.

Laidback Luke - Need Your Loving (Felix Cartal Remix) (ALT)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dancing Machine

Gigamesh sent over his latest remix today, and I knew I had to check it out when I saw that it was a remix of the Jackson 5. At the very least I knew it would be a fun track, if nothing else. However it was much more than a normal fun, cheesy Jackson 5 remix. This remix is full of flavor, and gives new life to a classic track. Gigamesh shows some really strong production and brings the funk on this one. Many argue that remixing older artists like the Jackson 5 never works, but I think on certain occasions that can be disproved. Here's a great one!


Party All Knight

So Sweet really know how to find artists that can get a party going. As the title of Eli Smith's new EP implies, this one will have you going crazy all night. Even just sitting her in front of my computer I can't help but move along to this one. As if this one wasn't perfect enough for the club already, True Pseudo remixed the hell out of this one. Turning the bassline to that more grinding bass that is quickly getting True Pseudo known only makes the track even more intense. Not sure if I like the original or remix better here, but either one will get any party jumping.

Be on the lookout for the True Pseudo's next EP. It's gonna be a remix EP for their single "Freaking Me Out" with remixes from Designer Drugs and Pilotpriest. 

I didn't even realize how good this one was on the first listen. Check it out.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Renaissance Man

I really hope you guys have heard of Renaissance Man. Renaissance Man consists of two Scandinavian dudes who are currently making some of the craziest bouncy house music I have ever heard. These guys seemed to have emerged out of thin air and I can say that I am very glad they did. Their new EP called "Spray Can" out on Dubsided is a current club favorite of mine and its been playing by dj's such as Brodinski, Dj Mehdi, Jean Nipon and more. Look out for more releases from these guys on Institube's new Sound Pellegrino label and Kitsune. If you like this track I recommend you go out and buy the full EP.

Renaissance Man - Spraycan (ALT)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chateau Marmont And The Robot

Rokysopp's latest album, Junior, has already attracted a grand array of remixes from artists all over the map. Some of the best in the game have offered their hand to a track, and now institubes/kitsuné Chateau Marmont have joined the group. I consider Chateau Marmont to be part of a group of innovative artists who are bringing new flavor to a growing genre. Rather than focusing on getting their music in the clubs, they make beautiful melodies for us to enjoy at any time. Lying in bed, driving in your car, sitting at a cubicle, it doesn't matter. This is music you can enjoy anywhere. This remix is one of the best things they've created yet, and shows their growing diverse skills. 


Animals Jump Up

Miike Snow made a big bang by introducing themselves with some huge remixes, so why not keep that going. The latest is from Punks Jump Up, and is of "Animal". Crookers and Treasure Fingers did it well, but I have to say this the best remix yet. It really keeps the fun vibe of the original, but adds a little something as well. One of the best Punks Jump Up remixes yet.


After supplying us with an endless stream of remixes over the last couple months, Don Diablo finally gave himself the time for a big proper EP release full of big remixes, edits, and even a mash-up. The track, "Hooligans", is easily his best original yet with several huge basslines, and some wild rhymes from Example. While the original is great, it's hard to focus on that for too long with all these great mixes! One very cool one coming from Don Diablo himself, and then several others from artists such as A1 Bassline, and upcoming dubstep artist, Doorly. The A1 Bassline remix goes back to the style he was using more earlier on in his remixes. Heavy wobbles over a driving repetitive beat. It takes talent to make that work so well. The Doorly remix is full of those chilled out heavy beats and bass' that makes dubstep so loveable. Even the little Daft-Mash is pretty solid. Nice chopped up version of "Aerodynamic" blended well with "Hooligans". Overall it's a surprisingly good EP that is already getting some major attention. "We came. We saw. We killed the crowd." Already stuck in my head.

Track Of The Day (5/12/09)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dim Mak/RCRD LBL Madness

I know a lot of you out there hate on Dim Mak a lot of the time, and in some ways I get it, but lately they've been working with RCRD LBL to release some great new tracks, and that can't go ignored. Felix Cartal's first official Dim Mak EP is soon to be released, and features two older tracks mixed in with two brand new ones. They all have that similar hard electro sound, but he's good enough at it to make it one hell of an EP. As a little teaser they had Bird Peterson remix one of the tracks, "Skeleton". Bird Peterson's been on fire lately, shooting off track after track, every single one as good as the next. His remix stays true to the original, but adds a little needed melody, and diversity. Keep a look out for the Skeleton EP that should be out any day now. Steve Aoki's latest remix has also been put on RCRD LBL recently. He took N.A.S.A.'s star filled hit "Gifted", and pretty simply made it an electro track. He added a nice bassline, and reworked the vocals until he had turned the track in to something that every DJ could play out. I expect to be hearing this one around for a while.

This track isn't on RCRD LBL or anything, but it comes from Dim Mak homie Dan Sena so I thought I'd throw it on here. Despite the wild tracks above, this might be the hardest hitting thing here. Here's what he had to say about it...
"I missed out on Coachella this year, so instead I spent my weekend at home
writing this track. I'm very satisfied with the results. The track contains a sample from the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, hence the title."
Sounds like had had some good inspiration. All he had to do was turn on the distortion, and let the music flow. Super fun track.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fancy Sounds Blog Night #1

We want everyone to make it out to our first blog night ever! This is going to be insane. The space is an emptied out movie theatre from the 1920's with a lot of space and a 50 foot movie screen. LMNOP is starting the night off then into House God Shane Silver who weill definitely deliver an epic set. Then I am going to throw down and play some exclusive new tracks and remixes plus some bangers that we know everyone loves. And to close it out Good & Plenty will be playing a great set like always. If y'all didn't know one half of Good & Plenty is a writer for Fancy Sounds. This night will be fucking epic!


I don't know how RiskoDisko hasn't gotten a record deal yet or at least some serious recognition for the music he's ben making. His production is as solid as most popular artists these days so it's gotta just be a matter of time before he enters the spotlight. He just sent us his remix of A.G. Trio's "Electro Messiah", and it's a straight up banger. I can feel influences from all over the place. Hints of heavy bass with some Yuksek-like vocal work, and a little Justice style distorted piano. He may take a lot of influences, but he's definitely created his own monster with this one. Top notch remixing here.


Heads We Dance/GTRONIC Doube Post

I've got a nice big post in store for you guys today! Heads We Dance are preparing to release their new EP for their single "When The Sirens Sound", and the remixing have been flowing. Several have appeared already both official, and unofficial, and there are more to come. I've found a few remixes that I really like so I thought I'd let you guys know about 'em.

The first mix is from electro wonder-boy Don Diablo. This remix has a housey feel to it, but contains some of the bassy electro that Don Diablo's more known for. It's not the most exciting remix ever, but it's a good listen. The next remix is from Youth Attack!. From the start it's got some serious grinding bass going, and it doesn't really let up much at any point. It's a heavy mix with a strong beat that makes it perfect for the club. I kind of find myself wondering if an instrumental version of this remix would've been better. The vocals are fine, but it might sound a little better without them. Very cool mix either way. 

I've been meaning to post about GTRONIC for a little while now, and when I saw his Heads We Dance remix I thought this would be the perfect time. He's a pretty new artist that's just starting to get noticed, but he's gained a lot of big fans already. His heavy bass style is in the same realm as Drop The Lime or Jack Beats, but he definitely comes with his own touch too. His remix of "When The Sirens Sound" starts off with a nice synth melody, but quickly turns out to a massacre of wobbles and screeches that tear apart the soft opening. I'm really digging this one.

Heads We Dance - When The Sirens Sound (GTRONIC Remix) [Removed By Request]

Got some other tracks from him as well. One's a remix of The Bloody Beetroots "Warp", which is basically the biggest track in the world right now, whether it deserves it or not. Many people have already attempted to remix "Warp", and most failed pretty hard, but I think we finally have a winner. This remix takes away the simplistic nature of the original and adds lots of new elements to it. It might even make it, dare I say... heavier! The final track I have for you guys today is an original from GTRONIC that hits just as hard as everything else from him, but this really gives you a chance to see his creativity in its purest form.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Designer Drugs Switch It Up

The duo that have remixed everyone from Mariah Carey to Midnight Juggernauts, and everywhere in between, are now switching it up with their latest EP. The EP is a Re-Issue of their debut EP, Zombies, and features several remixes of both "Zombies", and "Back Up In This". There are a few pretty big names on remix duty as well as some lesser known, but still good artists. There's not a bad remix on the EP, but my favorite's probably the Don Rimini remix with the B. Rich remix coming in a close second. The Hot Pink Delorean remix adds there electro-rock sound as well as a few Thriller-esque synths, which make for an interesting new take on "Zombies". 


Das Glow

With every electronic trying to do the exact same thing, it isn't easy to have your own sound these days, but somehow Das Glow still manages pretty well. Every track he touches is different, but contains the same brilliance is the last. He's a praised and skilled remixer, and has created numerous amazing singles for himself. His latest stuff is probably the best yet, and there's been a lot of it lately. He helped out sort-of label mate, Douster by throwing down a remix on his For Weirdos Only / Freak Mode EP as well as lending a remix to also sort-of label mates, The Faint. There was a lot of buzz around the "Mirror Edge" remix, and rightfully so. It's one of the most interesting and addictive tracks I've heard in a while. The "For Weirdos Only" remix is also seriously great in it's own right. You'd be a real sucker if you didn't check out both of these.

Boys Noize even did an edit of the "Mirror Error" remix. It's certainly not any better than the original or anything, just a, well... edit.

If you love these remixes as much as me, please support the artists and purchase them. You can get the Douster remix here or here and the "Mirror Error" remix will be available for purchase soon. Das Glow also just released an EP on Alan Braxe's label, Vulture, which you can get here or here. "I Want To Wake Up With You" is amazing!

We Always Love More Yuksek

Yuksek has been nothing but pure pleasure to listen to, and has yet to disappoint so far this year. The latest remix he's done is for the next Kitsune compilation, Kitsuné Maison 7. The original track is going to be on the upcoming Autokratz album, but until that drops you'll just have to enjoy this remix. 


Track Of The Day (5/5/09)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Proxy - Who Are You (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

This is going to be huge. Will report later with more details.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Calling In Sick Remix

Calling In Sick are back with another remix. Grafton Primary is no stranger to a good remix so this one comes as no surprise. This has to be my favorite remix of theirs yet. It's got everything a good remix needs. Vocals, check. 80's synths, check. Grinding bassline, check. There's even a little of that Justice style slap bass! It all works so well together. This is one very solid remix.


Coin Operated Boy - Heart In Mouth

I first came across Coin Operated Boy last year while searching some random blogs for new music. I checked out a few of his tracks, and I was pretty impressed. I've kept up with his music since then, and he's grown in to a really solid producer. His latest track is called "Heart In Mouth". It's a dark banger with eery background synths, and a strong bassline. This is one of my favorite tracks I've heard from him, and I'm sure there's more on the way.


Ed Orable & Oh Snap!! - Bill Cosby Sweater

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I've come to respect Evil Nine a lot as producers over the last year. They're album was full of hidden gems, and I was surprised to find a new favorite song with each listen. I haven't heard a ton of remixes from them, but the one's I have are all really good. I just got ahold of another thought, and this one's a real beast of a track. Friendly Fires and Evil Nine make for an unlikely pair, but in this case it works quite well. The vocals act much more as a sample than the main focus. They add a little spice to the driving basslines put under them by Evil Nine. For those of you who enjoyed The Bloody Beetroots "Warp", there's a nice hoover synth in there at the beginning. 

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix)

Here's the very latest addition to your collection of Passion Pit remixes. This one comes from one of my favorites, Neo Tokyo. If you've heard some of Neo Tokyo's stuff, you know it usually consists of layers of distorted synths with a strong glitchy beat backing them up. That's what we get here. It works great with Passion Pits squeeky squirrely vocals, and manages to make them a little less annoying. The breakdown around one minute in is great.