Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Fckn Tracks

I've got several great tracks for you all today. A few of these might be old news to some of you since I waited on them a little too long, but I'm hoping they'll be pretty fresh to most of you. Mostly remixes here, one original, all good. Lots of bass today.

From the first second of Fckn Crew's "Booh", they really mean business. If you're not immediately thrown out of your seat by the distorted bass starting at 0:01 then get ready for the drop around 2 minutes in. That should get you going. In a very Oizo-esque style, they put some talking frenchmen/women over the track. Solid banger here with enough power for any club.

Lights Over LA are coming at us with two brand new remixes. On their "Push And Rise" edit they took Wolfgang Gartner's original banger and added a little melody and feeling to it that make it easier to really get into the track. "Bounce" has been remixed to death, but when a good one comes along why not share it? This remix isn't anything to original or creative, but it's got a nice fast paced bassline, and makes good use of the vocals. There's a huge build-up that takes up nearly half the track (it's a kind of short track anyway), and drops right back into that nice dancey bass. 

It's been a little while since we last featured Daze Of Thunder, but not they're back with a fresh remix of an older track that brings a whole new life to it. The Toxic Avenger hasn't been on my radar too much in the past few months, but all the way up until his Bad Girls Need Love To EP he was one of my favorite artists. Daze Of Thunder breathe new life into this track by chopping up the original, and adding a massive grinding bassline. You might even notice the Easy Love type cowbell that shows up throughout the second half of the track.

Clockwork is quickly climbing the ranks of blog artists with his remixes. He sent over his new remix of The Prodigy, and I was actually mad at myself for underestimating this boy. This remix is seriously professional! He reworks the track into his own while keeping the original intact more than enough to keep fans of The Prodigy happy. This is definitely his best work yet. I'm excited for more.

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