Thursday, May 14, 2009

Party All Knight

So Sweet really know how to find artists that can get a party going. As the title of Eli Smith's new EP implies, this one will have you going crazy all night. Even just sitting her in front of my computer I can't help but move along to this one. As if this one wasn't perfect enough for the club already, True Pseudo remixed the hell out of this one. Turning the bassline to that more grinding bass that is quickly getting True Pseudo known only makes the track even more intense. Not sure if I like the original or remix better here, but either one will get any party jumping.

Be on the lookout for the True Pseudo's next EP. It's gonna be a remix EP for their single "Freaking Me Out" with remixes from Designer Drugs and Pilotpriest. 

I didn't even realize how good this one was on the first listen. Check it out.

2 Responses to “Party All Knight”

Sean said...

true pseudo remix all the way! it reminds me of my uk hard house days ha!

Anonymous said...

have u seen the video for party all knight yet?