Monday, May 18, 2009

Not A Band?

They call themselves I'm Not A Band, but don't take that too seriously. They are most certainly a band, and a very good one at that. I'm Not A Band create a blend of alternative/indy-rock melted seamlessly with electro. As if they weren't interesting enough already, many of their tracks include violin, which adds a little extra flavor to their already tasty tracks. "Trainthoughts" is a beautiful song that I can only describe as a cross between Peter Bjorn and John, and Crystal Castles. "Electrolin" sounds like something Simian Mobile Disco might make, but it definitely has its own style. The track manages to mix distorted bass with an array of softer beautiful instruments, including violin! Last, but not least is a remix of MEN's "Off Our Backs". This track provides a new sound once again. This time it's a bouncier upbeat electro-pop song with hints of harder electro as well as, once again, violin! All 3 of these tracks are very creative, interesting, and simply great.


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