Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After supplying us with an endless stream of remixes over the last couple months, Don Diablo finally gave himself the time for a big proper EP release full of big remixes, edits, and even a mash-up. The track, "Hooligans", is easily his best original yet with several huge basslines, and some wild rhymes from Example. While the original is great, it's hard to focus on that for too long with all these great mixes! One very cool one coming from Don Diablo himself, and then several others from artists such as A1 Bassline, and upcoming dubstep artist, Doorly. The A1 Bassline remix goes back to the style he was using more earlier on in his remixes. Heavy wobbles over a driving repetitive beat. It takes talent to make that work so well. The Doorly remix is full of those chilled out heavy beats and bass' that makes dubstep so loveable. Even the little Daft-Mash is pretty solid. Nice chopped up version of "Aerodynamic" blended well with "Hooligans". Overall it's a surprisingly good EP that is already getting some major attention. "We came. We saw. We killed the crowd." Already stuck in my head.

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