Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heads We Dance/GTRONIC Doube Post

I've got a nice big post in store for you guys today! Heads We Dance are preparing to release their new EP for their single "When The Sirens Sound", and the remixing have been flowing. Several have appeared already both official, and unofficial, and there are more to come. I've found a few remixes that I really like so I thought I'd let you guys know about 'em.

The first mix is from electro wonder-boy Don Diablo. This remix has a housey feel to it, but contains some of the bassy electro that Don Diablo's more known for. It's not the most exciting remix ever, but it's a good listen. The next remix is from Youth Attack!. From the start it's got some serious grinding bass going, and it doesn't really let up much at any point. It's a heavy mix with a strong beat that makes it perfect for the club. I kind of find myself wondering if an instrumental version of this remix would've been better. The vocals are fine, but it might sound a little better without them. Very cool mix either way. 

I've been meaning to post about GTRONIC for a little while now, and when I saw his Heads We Dance remix I thought this would be the perfect time. He's a pretty new artist that's just starting to get noticed, but he's gained a lot of big fans already. His heavy bass style is in the same realm as Drop The Lime or Jack Beats, but he definitely comes with his own touch too. His remix of "When The Sirens Sound" starts off with a nice synth melody, but quickly turns out to a massacre of wobbles and screeches that tear apart the soft opening. I'm really digging this one.

Heads We Dance - When The Sirens Sound (GTRONIC Remix) [Removed By Request]

Got some other tracks from him as well. One's a remix of The Bloody Beetroots "Warp", which is basically the biggest track in the world right now, whether it deserves it or not. Many people have already attempted to remix "Warp", and most failed pretty hard, but I think we finally have a winner. This remix takes away the simplistic nature of the original and adds lots of new elements to it. It might even make it, dare I say... heavier! The final track I have for you guys today is an original from GTRONIC that hits just as hard as everything else from him, but this really gives you a chance to see his creativity in its purest form.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please put the When the sirens sound rmx by Gtronic back up, its one of their best rmxs ever