Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Designer Drugs Switch It Up

The duo that have remixed everyone from Mariah Carey to Midnight Juggernauts, and everywhere in between, are now switching it up with their latest EP. The EP is a Re-Issue of their debut EP, Zombies, and features several remixes of both "Zombies", and "Back Up In This". There are a few pretty big names on remix duty as well as some lesser known, but still good artists. There's not a bad remix on the EP, but my favorite's probably the Don Rimini remix with the B. Rich remix coming in a close second. The Hot Pink Delorean remix adds there electro-rock sound as well as a few Thriller-esque synths, which make for an interesting new take on "Zombies". 


One response to “Designer Drugs Switch It Up”

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