Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flosstradamus' First Original!

I remember the moment when I first heard one of their mash-ups and/or remixes and thought "Damn! This is fresh. Who made this?" Since that moment Flosstradamus has been an artist I've followed very very closely, always looking for new stuff. They haven't done much the last few months, but not they've released their first ever original production! It features Caroline Polachek of the band Chairlift, who you my know from the latest ipod nano commercial. The song is a little bot softer/synthier than I would have expected, but it's still a great song. I would even go as far as to say that for the first 30 seconds I thought I was listening to a Postal Service song! 


One response to “Flosstradamus' First Original!”

Anonymous said...

Pretty weak effort from both Floss and DV. Isn't everyone over this mediocre music yet? We'll see in 2009.