Sunday, December 28, 2008

Most Fancied Of 2008


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10. Crystal Castles - Self Titled (Buy)

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9. Hercules and Love Affair - Self Titled (Buy)

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8. Hot Chip - Made In The Dark (Buy)

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7. Mr. Oizo - Lambs Anger (Buy)

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6. Flying Lotus - Los Angeles (Buy)

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5. Fleet Foxes - Self Titled (Buy)

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4. TV On The Radio - Dear Science (Buy)

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3. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular (Buy)

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2. Sebastien Tellier - Sexuality (Buy)

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1. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours (Buy)


10. AC Slater (Myspace)
9. Lifelike (Myspace)
8. Designer Drugs (Myspace)
7. Aeroplane (Myspace)
6. The Count & Sinden/Hervé (Myspace)
5. Laidback Luke (Myspace)
4. Duke Dumont (Myspace)
3. Boys Noize (Myspace)
2. Soulwax (Myspace)
1. Fake Blood (Myspace)


10 Responses to “Most Fancied Of 2008”

FL FoXy said...

Great list!

...Except you're seriously lacking a couple amazing songs. I mean really.

Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)
^ If not the best song of the year, certainly the best remix.
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
Tommy Sparks - I'm A Rope (Yuksek Remix)
Sebastian Tellier - Divine (Danger Remix)
Midfield General - Disco Sirens
Lo-Fi-Fink - Want U
Ratatat - Wildcat (E*vax Remix)

jax said...

i most def agree with shooting stars being in there
and the little boots one

i would have put the damn arms remix of cut copys far away in that list aswell


FL FoXy said...

Ah yeah Far Away (Damn Arms Remix) too. I knew I was forgetting something. :(

jax said...

dw i put it in my list FL FoXy

Anonymous said...

Ratatat - Wildcat (E*vax Remix) is oldddd. definitely not an 08 release. and no bikini 1234 cover?? whats up with that

heatwolves said...

@ FL FoXy

disco direns = trash. agree about the little boots though.

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Anonymous said...

Most fancied of 08. I'm guessing it's up to what the maker of the list most fancied, not what you did?

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