Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hell's Angst

"The Angst" is set to be the first single off of DJ Hell's upcoming album Teufelswerk. If you're not already excited about the album, check this out and think again:
Teufelswerk – the German for “Devil’s Work” – is Hell’s masterpiece. Across 16 exquisite tracks divided into two themes, “Night” and “Day”, Hell weaves an intoxicating spell. Celestial vocals cascade around an acoustic guitar figure as a motorik rhythm propels it ever skywards, sharing space, spiritually at least, with Kraftwerk, and Can.
DJ Hell - The Angst Pt. 1


3 Responses to “Hell's Angst”

Anonymous said...

again not working links
btw: this is a awesome blog

figure said...

THanks for the post!. Figure

Anonymous said...

Sic track. DJ Hell also makes great underwear. Really diggin the blog Casey!