Friday, February 20, 2009

What They're Doin'

We just got sent one of the most blog friendly remixes I have seen in a while if not ever. The track includes five of the most blogged artists of the last year or so in some form or another. There's the obvious four who are all on the original side of the track, and then our boys Villains giving the track what it deserves. Villains may have started as a fairly underground electro-duo, but due to great tracks/remixes and lots of blog love they were quickly boosted to the forefront of their scene. Now they are  being offered official remixes left and right and preparing to takeover the game. I can hardly wait. This is an official remix and I guarantee it will tear up any club of your choosing. Enjoy.

N.A.S.A.'s full length album "The Spirit Of Apollo" has finally been released after an extremely agonizing wait, and the wait was worth it. All 19 tracks are great down to the very last detail and feature some of the best artists around. Purchase it here.


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