Wednesday, February 18, 2009

These Boyz Are Crazy

The DiscoTech crew is back on Fancy Sounds with some new tracks they want to share with everyone. After their awesome Stones remix they tried going in that direction again with a remix of The Clash. No huge drops or changes to the original on this track, but subtle melodic basslines in the background add a little something to the track. Next in line for remix treatment is new mommy/beloved hipster icon turned mainstream success, M.I.A.. This remix is probably my favorite of what we have today, sticking more to their usual mentality. Lastly we have something that is unusual when we post on DiscoTech, an original! It's a cool track with a funny sample and overall I like it, but truthfully I think they could do better seeing what they've done with some of their remixes.


One response to “These Boyz Are Crazy”

kookookjew said...

somebody had Bring It On in their head....