Monday, February 2, 2009

Hold On

D.I.M. remixes have become a slight rarity in the last year or so, which has probably allowed a lot of people (myself included) to forget just how good they are. This latest remix of his started showing up about a month ago, but only in the form of low quality set rips. Very recently however, the Boys Noize Records Blog let a high quality version of the remix see the light of day. As expected when two huge names clash for a remix it is brilliant, but unlike usual D.I.M. style it is not very hard. Won't be called a banger, but still a classic in it's own right. Next up for D.I.M. is a remix of  Depeche Mode done with Boys Noize. Can't wait for that.

At the moment D.I.M. is touring Australia so be sure to go see him if you live over there and get the chance. After that he and Boys Noize head over here to L.A. for the next Hard event. I plan to attend and anyone reading this in the L.A. area should too.


2 Responses to “Hold On”

Lukee said...

The links dont work :(

Drew said...

the DIM remix is amazing