Thursday, October 30, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Boys Noize Records!!! Congrats guys. We got a total of 130 votes, and exactly 30 of those went to Boys Noize Records. Second place was Ed Banger with 27 votes. To my surprise Institubes, Cheap Thrills, and Fools Gold straggled behind when I thought any of those had a decent chance at winning. However it certainly doesn't come as a shock that Boys Noize won. They've been putting out some great stuff and with BNR, Vol. 1 coming out this month it was hard to ignore them. I was fairly happy with the turn out this month, but hopefully on the next poll we can get considerably  more voters! So here's some of the latest stuff from the Boys Noize crew.

The next poll is simply asking where you're from. We thought it'd be fun to see where the majority of our readers call home. It's by country, and so sorry if we left yours out, but we really couldn't put them all. If that's the case just click the other button. So consider the polls now open!

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