Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes I See the Future!

Everything Soulwax has done recently has ben exceptional. I'm sure most people would say everything they've ever done is exceptional, but I've been noticing it more than ever lately. This time they remixed their dear old friend Tiga's new song. The EP with this song should be out shortly, ant then the album will follow hopefully not too long after. This is Tiga's first single since 2006 so he made sure it's a good one. The entire EP will be great I'm sure, and certainly what I've heard is. Soulwax did a great job with this new remix. I bet you guys will love it.


2 Responses to “Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes I See the Future!”

Ubbs said...

The full 320Kbps is so crisp :D top song

Anonymous said...

Please mp3 bloggers, learn your craft. "Not Over Yet" was not originally by The Klaxons. It's depressing that this is the state of music journalism today. Or funny.