Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's the Dilemn-a?

My ability to come up with awful titles never ceases to amaze me. But anyway on to the good stuff. A while back my friend told me to check out Dilemn, and I never really did, but a few days ago as I sat doing whatever I may have been doing with my iTunes on shuffle I began to hear some really awesome buzzing wild electro.  When I saw who it was I was annoyed it hadn't given it an actual chance, but glad I listened to him eventually. So long story short Dilemn's music's really awesome. The only thing I'd say on the negative side is his Technologic remix isn't brilliant, but then again I never did find a remix of that song I liked. So don't skip out on this guy like I did. you'll be missing out.

Ghetto Town - Dilemn [Most Fancied]

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