Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's The Bomb. For Realz.

So last weekend I got to see Surkin, and of course it was amazing. In the midst of all the great songs in his set he played this, and I thought Hey! I remember this. I found this song quite a while ago by looking at a Surkin tracklist in face, and had completely forgotten he often played it. It's a really great classic fun dance song. So when I got home from the show I decided to listen to the song again, and even check if any new remixes of it came out or anything. And I found a remix of it that isn't new or anything, but until a few days ago I was unaware of. Turns out electronic genius Armand Van Helden decided to put his touch on this track, and it's pretty cool. Actually not extremely different from the original, but still cool to get a different touch on it. So enjoy this classic.


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