Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

The new EP is out, and it's something you really gotta check out. I was slightly surprised actually because I had come to like him better under his Curses! name, but this single is really something special. Great vocals, beat, and of course that amazing bass-line we've come to expect from every Drop The Lime song. The original is excellent, and he got some really good remixers this time. So here's the original of Hear Me with the excellent Drums of Death remix as well. Hadn't heard anything I had really loved from Drums of Death til now so they certainly took a step up in my book. Oh and go buy the full EP, and hear some more of those great remixes here.

Oh, and I nearly forgot Drums of Death was just returning the favor for this remix Curses! did on his last EP.

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