Thursday, October 2, 2008

Most Fancied Mixtape: September

In case you missed the other ones this is pretty much just a way for us to show you our favorite songs/remixes from the last month. Also, don't forget to vote in our poll over to the right here if you haven't already. 


Lucky find when I decided to give these guys a chance randomly a few weeks ago. They got some very cool originals, and I really love this remix of theirs.

I absolutely loved this remix for like a month then forgot about it for a little, but it popped right back in to my head this month. Still love it.

Another cool L.A. artist from the binary group. Really digging this sound.

I never really listened to anything he did other than Cream, which is of course a classic, but I thought this remix was really cool. Sounds quite a bit like Cream actually, but not to the point that it's suspicious or anything.

Really, really, really fun energetic remix. Don't worry about embarrassing yourself just get up and dance. You really won't be able to help it with this one.

They've been making really cool remixes for quite a while so it was a good call by Kitsune to pick them up and put out this single for 'em.


Completely changes the original for the better.

One of the better remixes that came out for this song recently. Gets a big reaction from the crowd when dropped.

Some smooth syncopated African house.

So fucking heavy. Some blogs were hating on it for changing up the vibe of the song too much, but it's a remix don't be ridiculous.

Another really cool production from Shadow Dancer.


Z showed me AC Slater a while back, and I've really liked all his stuff, but this remix especially is awesome.

They've been doing some of the best remixes around for a long time now, and their only getting better. 

The remix CD was really amazing, and this was probably my favorite thing on it.

Another one of those guys where everything he touches turns to gold. Easily one of my favorite producers/remixers of the last few months.

Hope you had fun... we sure did.

3 Responses to “Most Fancied Mixtape: September”

ernest said...

is there a zip file uploaded of all the tracks in the mixtape?

Z said...

ummm unfortunately no because we didn't know if you guys would want it but if people want it we would be happy to do it.

don B! said...

yeah! zip would be great!