Friday, October 24, 2008

New Proxy Remix

Just came in to our inbox today. I was super excited after his Home Zone remix was so amazing. Couldn't wait for the next one, and it's pretty damn good. His sound is just amazing. Anyway this time the remix is of aUtODiDakT's new single Shit Your Rack. Really good song in the first place, and Proxy just does what he needs to do to make it even better. Unfortunately it's only in 96 kbps, and I would've waited for a slightly better version at least to post it, but I knew how much you guys would want it so I decided to post anyway. So enjoy. Here's the original, and the Proxy remix. The other remixes on the EP are really great too. I lost the link unfortunately, but go find, and buy the EP!

2 Responses to “New Proxy Remix”

Anonymous said...

zShare keeps stuffing up?
Any chance you can use another file server?
Would be awesome :)

Anonymous said...

here is the link for the Track with very good quality <