Monday, October 20, 2008

Designer Drugs Original #1

Yes. Yes. Yes. The people behind some of my favorite remixes of the last year or so finally have an original. I'm not going to lie, as well as I'd like to say I know Designer Drugs stuff, this isn't exactly what I thought an original from them would sound like. It's a little different from their remixes, which is awesome because it lets us know that, although that sound they have on most of their is great, they can make other stuff too. All in all this songs probably better than This is gonna be released as Designer Drugs first official original release on iheartcomix, and I'm expecting some good remixes maybe... I don't know. Either way great song.

Oh! Also a new remix from Calvin Harris. Always fun.

One response to “Designer Drugs Original #1”

gerle said...

Bad link to Calvin's remix. It's linked to Zombie! too.