Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They're Not Joking Around

Just another great artist signed to A-Trak's Fools Gold label. I'm sure most of you or at least some of you know Jokers of the Scene from their funky fun remixes, but even if you don't prepare for something you really didn't expect. Or I didn't at least. This new single of theirs is fucking awesome. Hit 3:30 seconds in on this, and tell me you don't love this song. Absolutely can not wait to hear this at a concert with a good system. People are going to go nuts over this one. I know it. The entire EP is really great, but the stand out track has to be this single. Still though I highly encourage you to check out the rest of the EP here. All good stuff. I also threw in a really cool remix of the other single on the EP. Enjoy.

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