Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just though I'd do a general RoundUp of some cool tracks I've found or been sent recently. 

I'm a real sucker for acoustic version of tracks. There's something about hearing that stripped down, fresh sound of the instrumentals under the lyrics that I already know so well that just works for me. I recently discovered this Ting Tings acoustic version of their song "Great DJ", which was already one of my favorites of theirs. For me this version takes the song to a whole new level. The acoustic version gives the song a flow and rhythm that works almost too well. Also works perfectly the way it's slowed down.

And you must remember this one... still one of my favorites.

Next is Animal Collective's nifty little remix of "Mirando". Oh wait little doesn't really apply. This thing is a whopping 9 minutes and 57 seconds. Believe it or not it doesn't bore me. It's got some really nice new additions that you might not get from anyone other than Animal Collective.

Last, but not least is a new Housemeister track. This is chalk full of wild beats and samples (even one of 50 cent at one point!). Not sure exactly what I think of this track. Not really sure what I think of Housemeister all together yet. He's certainly impressed me sometimes and other times not so much, but really anyone Boys Noize likes has to have some serious talent. Anyway this track is pretty interesting. 

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