Thursday, January 29, 2009

Djedjotronic Likes Big Butt Girls

Lately I've become really fond of Djedjotronic, a young French artist straight off Boys Noize Records. Djedjotronic's Dirty & Hard - EP is being released February 2nd and will be featuring original collaborations with South African rapper Spoek as well as a remix by Boys Noize himself. I decided I'd give you guys a little taste of the EP by posting the new remix of Dirty & Hard by the Belgian electronic artist Keatch, as well as a fairly new remix by Djedjotronic of Just A Band's "Burn It Out." Enjoy and I just wanted to remind everyone to join our new Facebook group. 

5 Responses to “Djedjotronic Likes Big Butt Girls”

Anonymous said...

dead links ?

C said...

try them again
our server has been acting up
sorry about that

DoA said...

Just a Band - Burn It Out (DJEdjotronic remix) Ableton warp file -

David said...

Can I just ask something about the lyrics? What does that pitched voice (the one that keeps singing about the "big butt girl") say in that line about the "sassy big butt"?