Monday, January 12, 2009

ZZZ Remixed

We're a little late to post this one, but these tracks are worth it. I love them and I think you will too. A while back ZZZ let loose their track "Lion", and soon after Breakbot's excellent remix popped up. I enjoyed both the original and Breakbot remix immensely until a few weeks ago when the full remix EP was released and now there's even more for you and I too enjoy. The big name added on the EP is Bag Raiders, but that Lowbrows remix is actually quite good. Hadn't heard of them until now, but I might have to check them out further after hearing this.


3 Responses to “ZZZ Remixed”

Hugo said...

love the new lion mix.

PJ Sleeps said...

that ghosts n stuff remix is so close to being straight fire. some weird pops in it but i'll keep my eyes peeled for religion

Linda Tune & Dream In The Desert are great tunes by the Lowbrows... they are somewhere on my blog. Along with the remix they did for Chromeo e.t.c

They are from Tokyo and we like them a whole bunch.