Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey Today!

Yes, another strange name. But if these people have to have strange names to pump out great music then name yourself whatever the hell you want. Hey Today! are a German duo on the Kistune label. They make wonderful electronic music, and it's a true shame they don't have more out. Four songs on their myspace, and i'm only skilled enough to find three of those four to hand over to you guys. But anyway I love everything they have done so far, and encourage you to check out their stuff. They seem to be good friends with Digitalism as you may have noticed if you glanced at the tracks below (ISI-talism is Digitalism in case you couldn't figure that one out...), and any friend of Digitalism is a friend of ours. Can't wait for more from them, and of course they'll be back as soon as I do get more so keep checking in.

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