Monday, September 15, 2008

Mustard Pimp

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I'm still not sure if Mustard Pimp is one or two guys because on their myspace under band members it says Mustard P. and DJ M. Pimp so i'll let you decipher that however you wish, but that's not the point of this post! The point is no matter how strange or funny their name is and no matter how many members there are they make some crazy banging powerful electro. If you remember them it's probably from their remix of the last Crookers release that rivaled The Bloody Beetroots remix, and you can find that here. They've got a similar sound to a lot of great up and coming producers, and they certainly manage to do it just about as well as anyone. It's fun banging wobbly awesome electronic music the way god intended it. I've been meaning to post on them pretty much since I heard that Crookers remix, but I waited to get a few more songs by them, and then when we got their new original in our myspace inbox today I got moving on this post. Their latest Zombie Dance really shows their talent, and I can't wait until they get more stuff out their. Their should be more on the way, but for now I've got a few remixes for you here as well as Zombie Dance, and another original that will be on their upcoming E.P. on Crux Records. Not sure exactly when that's comin' so keep your eyes and ears open.