Friday, September 5, 2008

BSBTRGDCLUB! wait what?

If you've been looking around any of the good blogs throughout the last few months you've probably seen this name next to a remix with a description like "Check out this crazy sick banger," and then you look at the name of the remixer and go o it's BSBTRGDCLUB again... wait what'd I just say? Well just so you know you can stop questioning the pronunciation of these awesome up-and-comers because I have found out that there name simply stands for Backstreetboystotalrudeghettodancingclub. Okay so it's not that much easier. But anyway, name aside these guys are great. When we finally got our brand spankin' new myspace up we added a whole bunch of our favorite artists, and the first ones we heard from were these guys. We couldn't of been happier because we'd wanted to talk about these guys for a while, but this finally gave us the push to really make us get to it. They sent over their latest remix to add to my already great collection of their remixes and originals. So here you go with a few more little details for you actual readers

First I have for you there most popular, and my favorite of their originals. Great song that may trick you with it's title. It does not sample Britney Spears, but it's vocals do say her name. But don't let the lack of pop starlett stop you from enjoying this. It's really great.

Next is another original of theirs with some extra add-ons to do with it. I found a wonderful remix of this song by Techjio, then a week or so later they have a collaboration, and it sure as hell doesn't disappoint. However Techjio also put his touch on their collaboration, and I happen to enjoy it a little more than the original so i put that up instead. I guess BSBTRGDCLUB is trying to tell us to watch out for Techjio, cause although i've only heard a few things from him he seems really great. So watch out for that and enjoy these.

Now at the moment BSBTRGDCLUB is probably known more to the blog-o-sphere for their remixes. And here they are. Almost all of them. All my favorites plus a few that I just thought I should include. They really know how to take a song and transform it in to... whatever they want. You'll see what I mean.

Here's their latest:

And the rest...

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