Monday, September 15, 2008


You may have thought after HEARTSREVOLUTION's last single they couldn't release anything bigger, but I'd be willing to bet this will outshine C.Y.O.A. big time. Really digging their new single switchblade. You may have already heard the L.A. Riots of it which has been one of my favorite songs for at least the last few months. They absolutely ripped the song apart and made it a whole new beast, and it's already pretty beastly. No idea why the L.A. Riots remix was out so long before the actual song or any of the other remixes, but whatever I'm certainly not complaining. So here you go, and I gotta assume we're gonna see tons of remixes for this just as we did with C.Y.O.A. so this probably won't be the last of switchblade here.

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