Monday, September 1, 2008

Most Fancied Mixtape: August


One of my favorite remixers of late remixing one of my favorite all around artists. Had to end well. Very well.

If game boy games had this as a sound-track I would've sat on the couch glues to my game boy all day. Oh wait I did. 

My favorite from their first E.P.. You may recognize their name from some great remixes. They do a great job with a everything they do.

Fun. Crazy. Inappropriate. Awesome. Dumb. Catchy. WTF. Clever. Ridiculous. OH SNAPP!! 

Easily one of my favorite artists lately. Another one of those guys who just can't go wrong...


Long wait for this one, but it was completely worth it. Can't wait for a real version of their Kids remix.

Gives Surkin's 90's Ibiza jam great new flavor.

Great take on this classic.

If you read the blog there's no need to explain to you how much we love him. Still can't believe he's able to chop the sounds from the song to make it say Fake Blood. Unbelievable. 

Great b-side to the also wonderful Wake Up.


Hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as Cross the Dancefloor, but also very very good.

What's not to like about Lifelike's remixes?

And Surkin keeps pumping out great remixes... what do you know.

If you don't know his stuff by now you've been living under a rock in the middle of the desert.

Still lovin' it.

Hope you enjoyed this feast of ear pounding bass pumping pleasure.

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