Thursday, September 25, 2008

Designer Drugs

You miss three hours in the blog-o-sphere and all of a sudden you're the last one to post awesome brand new remix. This time it happens to be a remix involving two of my favorites. Pretty much everyone adores Little Boots, and it's no secret that Designer Drugs does some of the best remixes around. Designer Drugs have a pretty perfect sound that so many try to replicate and few get just right. The best part of their remixes is that almost all the songs they work with are songs with vocals, and they always handle them incredibly well. Their remixes always compliment the vocals just right, whether it's adding a light 80's like touch or a harder electro sound. I am yet to hear any originals from them, but I know when I do I'll love it because their production is so strong, and they've got such a great sound it's hard to imagine them going wrong. So today I've got that Little Boots remix as well as their remix before that which was for that Mariah Carey remix contest (unfortunately due to lame judging they didn't win), and then just all my other favorites from them.

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yr links have expired it seems.