Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's In Our Inbox?

We didn't get this video in our inbox... but I wanted to post it so whatevs. It's a preview of Kanye's latest project. A variety show for Comedy Central called Alligator Boots. I personally am not really digging it. But see for yourself. By the way he changed it, and his new album is now dropping sometime in november! I still have Flashing Lights stuck in my head. I don't know if I'm already ready for more.

Now on to the good stuff. Over the last couple weeks we've gotten some really cool new artists e-mailing us their stuff, and we really appreciate it and want you to keep it up. So first up is FutureFlashs and Alfa who sort of e-mailed us together. Futureflashs is a German electro artist who's remix of Thomas Bangalter's Colossus got a ton of attention the last few weeks. Alfa is a Los Angeles electro artist who is part of the Binary crew who have been stirring up a ton of noise at the moment. Check this stuff out.

Next is an Aussie duo be the name of Beanflickers. I don't know too much else about them, but their stuff's pretty cool.

Now we have FunQ Sway. All I know about him is he is a Belgian 18 year old who's been making beats for the last 3 years. His stuff is very cool and minimal. Not the strongest sounding production, but certainly still a cool track.

And to finish off this installment we have Domenico Biancardi. I can't tell you too much about him that you shouldn't be able to guess from this quote off his myspace. "My life is dedicated to producing f*ckin' beats with f*ckin' claps and crazy basses!!!" Now that you know that about him it's time you hear some of his music.

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