Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paper Planes Remixes

Paper Planes is one of those tracks that's been remixed to the point that it would be impossible for anyone to really keep up with them all, but I'm just dumb enough to try! So since you don't all have enough time to devote your lives to searching the web for remixes I thought I'd round up what I think are the best for you guys. Their are some really quality remixes here from some already known names, and some you may heave never heard of. If you haven't heard of any of any of these guys I encourage you to check them all out. They all do some really great stuff. The first one we have here is LAZRtag's remix, which is easily one of the best. I haven't yet gotten the chance to profess my love for LAZRtag, but the day will come don't you worry. For now check 'em out, and watch out for new stuff form them as well as everyone else in this post.

3 Responses to “Paper Planes Remixes”

Anonymous said...

funny how you think lazrtag's is the best when the majority of their remix is pretty much the same as the original

Anonymous said...

that's because the drop in the middle IS the original track. The type of remix done is a similiar style to Micky Slim's remix or Tenzin's remix of Still D.R.E.. These tracks use the original tracks as drops with transitioning effects.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Or like in La Mode's Bad Boy For Life Remix which these guys posted too. I like it actually