Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We got some more Canadian madness for you here. This time it's DJ Barletta, and Van Helder who together make up Mansion. These guys have a great original sound. Similar to many great electronic artists, but adds some fun usage of piano and synths that is used differently then you see most of the time. Incase you don't trust me when I say these guys are good maybe you trust MSTRKRFT. Yes another Bounce remix. They did an official remix for Bounce, and it's right up there with the one I posted just below this post. They also have done some originals that are just as good as that remix. Their remix of Bounce started circulating a few days ago, but I waited on it until I found it who exactly this duo was. I was more than happy to find out this was DJ Barletta's new project. I've been absolutely loving all his stuff for the last month or two. And although I had never heard of Van Helder I found a remix of hers I really like, and I've got that here for you. I'm not posting any DJ Barletta tracks today, but I plan on giving him his own post very soon. Mansion also has another song that will be released to the blog-o-sphere soon, and you can hear that new at their myspace, and of course once I got a hold of it I'll throw it up here.

Stab - Mansion [Most Fancied]

Bonus: (well if we're throwing the Bounce remixes out there... don't think we ever got to this one)

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